Website Leasing Services In San Antonio Texas Website Leasing Services In San Antonio Texas

Take advantage of Website Leasing Services in San Antonio Texas, you get Professional Website Design Services and Hosting included in our web design packages. Our websites are designed for small businesses and individuals. You get professional web development services, limited professional email marketing campaigns you can perform and hosting services for a low monthly fee. You just choose a professionally built website from the list of over 60 website templates provided. Then you provide us with the text, logo and images you want on the website. We will customize this Website Template for you to fit your business. You don't need to take out a 2nd mortgage on your home to pay a professional website designer. You will not have to spend time in the wee hours of the morning before and after work building a website yourself. We have already done all the work designing and building this website for you. Just lease a website, there is no need to buy it and definitely do not build it yourself.



Lease a Website

Leasing a website has many advantages.  You can save a great deal of money because you are not paying a Web Developer to design your Website, this is a huge advantage by reducing Web Development costs, and the time you save is immense.  Imaging you need a website for your business right away.  You have applied for a government contract or there is a large corporation that you desperately need to impress with a quality website NOW.  The time factor in building a website yourself, or contracting a professional web designer could be months in the making.  Leasing a website consists of choosing a website that has already been created by a professional web designer.  Then the images, text and logo along with a few other things are changed and bada bing! you have a professional website. 



Professional Website DesignProfessional Website Design Services

Having your website designed by a professional website designer can greatly improve your sales. Website Designer's know exactly what to do to make your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Wilkins Websites Web Development Team has custom website templates, updated in current Web design standards. We customize each web page template to fit your specific business or individual needs, you will have a unique and a custom web design to professionally represent your business or organization.  There are many aspects to website design that can make you or break you in the online business world. I will describe a poorly designed website by oh lets say, your nephew. Your nephew has all the good intentions in mind when he tells you that he took a course in high school and knows how to build a website. He will build this website for your business for FREE, just to get the real world experience. You think you are saving a lot of money, when in reality, your nephew's inexperience when he built your website will cost you more money than you would have spent to have a professional build your website. It is sad, but true.  



Our Mission

It is the mission of Wilkins Websites to change the landscape of business websites.  At this time the options of a small business are limited to emptying out their bank account, borrowing money from the bank, possibly mortgaging their home as collateral just to get an online presence and this is not guarantee that this website will business will increase.  Spending $25K to $85K just to get a website for your business could run your company out of business if your business does not increase.  Lets face it, these web designers are not over charging, they work for this money.  As a website designer, I can tell you it takes a lot of work, many hours and a lot of skill to build a good professional website.  This is why Wilkins Websites has come up with the business model of Leasing a Website.  We have many websites that cover many different types of business that a small business can just lease for low monthly payments.  We just change the images, text, logo and contact information and this website template is now your personal business website.  No longer does a small business need to risk everything just to get a website.  The website lease is for 1 year and the monthly payments range from $50.88 per month, $80.88 per month to $160.88 per month.  This is a huge difference in cost and saves a small business so much money and gives them more options than they would have with an average web designer.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Lease a Website


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