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Social Media is essential part of Search Engine Optimization with platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Plus Google and more.  Social Media Videos are an excellent way to capture the attention of potential clients and convert them to paying clients.  

Our Social Media Videos are a cost effective way to gain attention for your business weather it is online only or a brick and mortar store.  Today almost everyone uses social media to stay in touch with friends and family.  Our videos are placed on social media and directed to certain areas or groups.  When people are browsing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others,  these videos are placed randomly within the feed.  As they scroll down the page, your advertisement appears.  People will stop and watch a short 30 second to 1 minute video and click on the link if they are interested.  This is a very powerful advertisement and SEO tool.

Social media is perceived as a Web 2.0 development, which is a user-driven, interactive web, Blogs, message boards and chat rooms provide an experience that could be described as social media.  Connections on social media such as Facebook friends, likes and shares on your Facebook posts, or Twitter posts that are liked and "Re-Tweeted" are two ways to increase your social media presence.  These are great ways to improve your Search Engine Optimization "SEO", your "Brand" and your "Online Reputation". 

Online Reputation is very important.  It does not matter if you are the nicest person with the best product at the cheapest price, someone is going to not like you.  If you work really hard at being the nicest person alive, there is still going to be someone that does not like you.  It is human nature.  That someone is very likely to post a negative review of their experience on yelp, yext, google, yp and other places.  You will read the review, recall the transaction and think "I did nothing wrong, why is this person giving a bad review"?  Negative reviews online about your business can ruin your business.  This is where Online Reputation Management comes in.  Basically, we can manage your online reputation by outweighing the negative with positive.  If you have 1 bad review and 100 great reviews, that bad review does not matter any longer.


Responsive Website Design or "RWD" means creating a website’s layout for the user to have a pleasant and easy to manage experience while they are on your website.  The website should be fluid with flexible images while using Cascading Style Sheets or "CSS". 

RWD uses the following methods:

1) Fluid grids, where elements are resized through the use of relative units, like percentages, versus absolute units, like standard measurements and pixels

2) Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) media queries, which allow a website to determine device type, screen size and browser capabilities, for mobile devices such as tablets or phones.

3) Server-side components with media queries, which enable faster loading websites - even with slower cellular data speeds

According to W3C.org   HTML and CSS are the fundamental technologies for building Web pages: HTML (html and xhtml) for structure, CSS for style and layout, including WebFonts. Find resources for good Web page design as well as helpful tools.

HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies for building Web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices. Along with graphics and scripting, HTML and CSS are the basis of building Web pages and Web Applications. Learn more below about:

I am sure you, just like me have been on a website that has been poorly designed, frustrating and impossible to navigate.  When I find myself on a website like this, I just leave the page and search again.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines feel the same way.  This is why they gravitate toward quality design and well written "Relevant" text along with ease of navigation.  The website must be inline with the requirements of the major search engines (google, bing/yahoo) as well as



Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others rank websites in the Search Engine Result Page or "S.E.R.P".   When someone types into the search bar what they are looking for or the "search engine query" The results in the S.E.R.P. are based on their relevance to the topic, and the quality and reliability a site is judged to have.  Search engines use algorithms that choose websites based upon their Relevance to the topic or query.  This means that a key part of SEO involves ensuring that the website is a unique and relevant resource for readers.

The following methods are common ways to improve a website’s SEO. These methods are called white hat SEO because they aim to improve search rank by improving the user’s experience on the website. 1) Increasing Keyword Depth, 2)  Increasing Interlinking or what is commonly known as "Backlinks", 3)  Improving the websites "On Page SEO" or its page content. 

SEO and Social Media work together to improve your ranking in the S.E.R.P.  Using our Social Media video's on on Social Media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Plus.Google and more can improve your "Brand", and bring more attention to your website.  The more people come to your site, the more popular it is.  The more popular your site is, the more companies want to link to your site with "backlinks".  The more "backlinks", Website Traffic (popularity) and proper SEO, the higher your website will rank in the S.E.R.P.   It is important to us what is called "White Hat SEO".  This is a reference to old western movies where the good guy wore a white hat, and of course the bad guy wore a black hat.  Black Hat SEO will get your website banned by the search engines.  You may see 1st page results immediately, but then Google, bing and yahoo will ban you "Forever".  It just is not worth it. 

Just a tip here, if anyone calls you and guarantees to you that they can get you to the 1st page of google, hang up.  They will get you to the 1st page of google with black hat techniques, then your site will be banned by google never to return.    White hat SEO is the only way to safely and securely produce lasting results