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We can help you find the perfect fit for your (VIP) Virtual Internet Presence.  Wilkins Website Design & Hosting is a San Antonio Web Design Co.  We specialize in Leasing a Website to small business.  Why pay 10's of thousands of dollars for a website you may not like? when you can lease a website for low monthly lease fee's.  Leasing a website save you money, which in turn increases profits and assists in your financial success.  Shop through our over 50 website templates.  Find one that fits your business.  We will customize that template to fit your business, then just lease it.  Its that simple.  

This first row shows Appliance Store Website Template, Architecture Website and an Artist Website.  All Websites are E-Commerce compatible. 



If you have an Auto Repair shop, Auto Sales or Bridal shop, we have a website to fit your business.  Click on the website image to view the website template live.  There are 3 levels of website lease to choose from.  Basic, Marketing and E-Commerce. 



Church Website Templates are complete with E-Commerce for online donations to your Church.  Post video's of your sermons on the website.  The members of your congregation that are out of town or at home sick can watch your sermons online, then click the donate button to donate through the E-commerce payment portal.   Coffee Shop Website Template doubles as a Sandwich Shop Website Template or Cafe Website Template



Coffee Shop/Sandwich Shop Website Template and two Speaker Website Templates or Events Planner Website Template.  This is the future of you online business.  Speaker and Events websites offer Event Sign up.  Through email to your clients or on your website, when someone clicks to sign up for your event the events module logs them in, and manages the event for you.  When the event is full, the event module will no longer take any more sign ups.  It then automatically emails your clients to remind them of the event.  Your clients can pay for the event upfront through the E-commerce payment portal. 



Consulting Firm Website Template, CPA Website Template, Contractor Website Template.  Marketing Websites and E-Commerce Website come with Email marketing, from 5,000 to 10,000 Professional Email Campaigns per month FREE.  Stay in constant contact with your clients and potential clients with professional email campaigns. 



Day Spa Website Template, Dentist Website Templates are E-Commerce compatible allowing your clients and patients to pay online.  Your client can book an appointment your website and even pay in advance for your service, freeing up the front desk from phone calls and payment collections. 



Events Planner Website Template and Fashion/Clothing Website Template come with an Events module.  Events modules are automated.  When someone signs up for your event, the seating is automatically adjusted by reducing the available seating until the event is full.  Sell your clothing online with our E-Commerce payment portal. 



Interior Design Website Template, Law Firm Website Template.  Do you have a Golf Course and need website?  Our Golf Course Website Template can allow your golfers to reserve a "Tee time" online.  With E-commerce golfers can shop your pro shop online, make their purchase and pick up their new purchase the next time the have a Tee time.  With the Events module, people can sign up for a golf tournament Online and pay the fee online making your life very easy.  



Law Office Website Template, Maid Service Website Template, Make-up Website Template.  Want your clients to reserve your services with out calling you on the phone?  With our websites they can just reserve a legal counsel or a home cleaning service Online allowing you to spend more time actually doing your work.  Your clients can even pay for your service Online with E-commerce. 



Photography Website Template, Plumbing Website Template and a Pub/Grill/Cantina Website Template.  Do you have a restaurant? a pub or bar? our Website Templates can be customized to fit any food and drink business.  Mexican Restaurant, Burger Joint, or 5 star fancy restaurant, our websites can be customized to your needs and desires.  Your customers can reserve their seat online.  They can choose their meal, pay online and pick it up at your restaurant.  Saving you time, increasing efficiency, increasing profits.



Here are 3 different Real Estate Website Templates to choose from.  No matter what city you are in or Realtor Association you belong to, these website templates can work for you.  Many Realtor Association provide website code called IDX tools.  These IDX tools can be added to your website for your clients to view your listings from your website.  Stay in constant contact with your clients and potential clients with Professional Email Campaigns from 5,000 to 10,000 each month FREE. 




School Website Template, Restaurant Website Templates.  Do you have a Mexican Restaurant, Sports bar that serves food, Wings or Burgers and beer, our websites can be customized to your needs and desires. Your customers can reserve their seat online. They can choose their meal from your online menu, pay online and pick it up at your take out window. Saving you time, increasing efficiency, increasing profits. 
























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