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Mary Ann Ursua Wilkins - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Over Seas Tech Support? Not so fast

SEO Services OnlineI should be grateful to the absolutely horrible SEO Services Online that I used in the past. Their unbelievably horrible behavior is what has lead me to using "Only USA SEO specialists". Do I sound a bitter?, just a little. Now before anyone accuses me of being a racist, my lovely and gracious wife is a Philippina.  While my wife was born here in Texas, when she was 8 years old, she was taken back to the home country of her parents, The Philippines.  Her father retired from the United States Navy which he had served our great nation for almost 30 years, thank you for your service to our country.  When she graduated from College being an American, she hopped on an airplane and came back to Texas, her 1st home which is where we met and were married.  Having this link to the Philippines at my disposal, and knowing that these are well educated people with a good work ethic I was eager to put together a team of IT specialists in the Philippines.  I was so optimistic. 

The money transfer is at this time 50 to 1. what does this mean?  The SEO cost seemed beneficial.  If I pay a SEO company $50 USD, they receive $2,500 PHP what a deal! So what happened? I was hoping to find the Best SEO Company with the Best SEO prices.  The SEO marketing service that I found was not what I expected.  Hang on to your hats, this is a wild ride. The first man I hired was very nice, very polite and humble. He had the education credentials to back up his claims and answered all of the questions correctly. I paid him $500.00 USD per month, fortunately, he only lasted a month. This poor schmuck fell prey to that which all men have fallen prey to, a beautiful girl. Shortly after I hired him, the most beautiful girl in his Church decided that she was in love with him (what a coincidence). She had him taking her to the movies, on pick nicks, out to restaurants and basically taking up all his time spending the money he was earning while working for me. What is the problem you ask? He was not doing the work I was paying him to do. He was helpless in her presence (I have been there too). I was aware of this because I kept checking his facebook page. Each day during work hours, he was taking selfies of him and his new beautiful girlfriend out on the town, buying this, buying that, spending everything he was being paid.  When I would confront him on our daily Skype meetings, he would insist that he would work twice as long tomorrow, tomorrow was the same thing.  I told him when I fired him, that now that he has lost his high paying job, he will loose his girlfriend before the week is over.  I wasn't mad at him, I felt sorry for the poor guy, but he was being paid for work he was not doing, he had to go.

I am still optimisticSEO Marketing Service

So there can't be this one bad experience that has turned me away from over seas SEO support? oh no, there are so many more.  I am only sharing a few, but they are all very similar.  The next guy was a certified SEO specialist, he had documentation to prove it, I paid him $1,000 USD per month.  He was very polite and humble just as the other guy was, this guy only lasted 2 weeks.  So when I was interviewing him I had put in a call to a French Canadian school of SEO where this young man had received his certification.  They took their sweet time getting back to me, 2 weeks it took them.  So when they called me back I asked them about this young man and is his certification valid.  They looked into their records and said "Yes, he is certified, in 2009.  They continued "since SEO is an ever changing business all of our students are required to come back each year to become re-certified with the new changes, updates to algorithms and more" .  "We have not heard from him in 7 years so No he is no longer a certified SEO specialist".  7 years is an eternity in SEO years.  So when I presented this information to him, he began to yell "I am a certified SEO specialist" again and again.  Then he posted on my facebook page a picture of President Teddy Roosevelt with the caption reading, "if you have a disagreement with someone and are not offering any solutions, then you are just whining.  I thought "Really?, the balls on this guy".  So I called him on Skype and told him that I saw his message on facebook and I have a solution.  He said "Thats great, what is your solution?"  "YOUR FIRED" I said.  (you saw that coming didn't you?)

SEO CompanyOne More Try

The next guy was the last guy.  This guy had excellent credentials, spoke perfect english and was very well educated.  I thought "This is the guy".  I paid him $1,500.00 per month and though he was worth every penny.  Long story short, he had taken on too many projects and needed to work more than he was able, so he began to take drugs to stay awake and work longer.   You guessed it, he became addicted.  Each day when I would Skype with him, I would notice how exhausted he was, big bags under his eyes and the weight loss was incredible.  His wife left him and took his children and moved back home to her parents house.  I told him that he needs to check himself into rehab.  He can keep his job, take his laptop with him and work while he is getting help for his addiction.  You guessed it, he insisted that he was not an addict and that he was fine.  This was the last guy I hired in the Philippines and I will never go back.  


I had to accept failureSan Antonio Website Design

I have shared these few experiences with you to warn you of the pitfalls of cheap SEO specialists over seas.  It is more expensive and costly in the long run.  Here is how you can fail if you use over seas SEO.  It takes several months before you see any progress or results from SEO work, no matter who is doing it.  It is not like Website Design. With Website Design you see results immediately, not with SEO.  By the time you find out that this inexpensive SEO specialist has done nothing to improve your SEO ranking, you have been paying them for months with no results.  When you fire them and hire another, 3 or 4 more months are required to see that this guy is not doing what he promised either.  To top it all off, the business that you have lost from not being found on the internet is even more costly than the money spent on these SEO specialists.  One guy from the Philippines when I was reviewing his progress (or lack of progress), I told him, "you have been working for me for 6 months and I have seen absolutely no improvement in my website ranking". " I can not be found on the search engine result page of google, bing/yahoo or anywhere else".  He actually defended himself by saying "It's Googles fault".  Seriously?  Its Googles fault? OMG!    


The Solution

custom websites for businessI now have a team of SEO specialists in California USA.  They do wonderful work and the results of their work is so obvious.  They have taken me from being ranked 17,000,000 in the world to150,000 in the world and my rank keeps climbing every day.  This is why I now offer SEO services to my clients using these wonderful California based SEO specialists.  If you are interested please check our website SEO page, SEO prices.  Our prices are very reasonable and our work is great.    

White hat SEO

The search engines, primarily google are attempting to create a search as if it were a conversation. In the past search engines would match key words from the search engine query to the keywords on a website page, this did not produce the best results. Where search engines have been going lately is not just on keywords or key phrases, but content, "Relevant Content". Well written website pages with content that is "Relevant" will be indexed by Google and other search engines and given a higher rating, therefore they will be found higher in the search engine result page (S.E.R.P.).

We have our price list below, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.                  210-560-2717 or email me a I look forward to hearing from you.


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