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Social Media Optimization

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, June 05, 2017

Social Media Optimization, SMO, SEO,

When it comes to choosing which social media platforms should be included in your internet marketing campaign, you should pick those with the highest potential to reach your target market and offer the type of media that's appropriate to your business.

Below are social media for companies that Wilkins Websites uses and you should consider for your business as well:


Facebook is a good choice if you want to reach a broad network or if you want to build a community presence. While Facebook is losing its appeal among young users, it's still a favorite among adults who actively go online. Facebook has the most users, the most frequently used, and has one of the highest levels of engagement.  Each week I write a blog post, then I will post it on many social media platforms, Facebook is one of them.  I then have the option to "Boost" the post.  What I like best about Facebook is that I can choose almost exactly where and to whom I want the post to be delivered and seen.  We are a San Antonio Web Design company so I will concentrate the post in the city of San Antonio area, running up Hiway 35, through small towns like New Braunfels TX, Buda Tx all the way to Austin TX.  This post will then be viewed along this route in a 25 mile radius.  Basically 12.5 miles on either side of Highway 35 from down town San Antonio all the way up to Austin Tx this post can be viewed on Facebook by just about anyone.  The cost for this is very reasonable, I can spend as much or as little as I want.  I think the minimum is $15.00, I do not know if there is a maximum amount.


LinkedIn is one that the best social media management companies out, especially for B2B enterprises. LinkedIn is ideal for spreading industry-specific information and for peer networking as well. Since the majority of LinkedIn users have high income and good education levels, this platform offers a unique audience that you can target with the right message.  Wilkins Websites has thousands of links on linked in.  This means that when I place one of my blog posts on LinkedIn, each and everyone of my "Links" will see my post.  Keep in mind that these are professional people, many of whom may need a website either now or in the future.  By staying engaged with these potential clients with quality blog posts, Wilkins Websites will be on their mind when shopping for a Website Design Company.


Pinterest is unique.  It is excellent for highly visual industries whose customers are attracted by images.  The Pinterest home page is kind of like being in Times Square NY.  There are advertisements all over the place and there is no one theme.  The Pinterest home page is a collection of everything from Clothing designers, food receipts, medical advice, religious advice and so on.  You are not stuck with just the home page, there is a search bar where you can type in what you are looking for and you will be taken to a page with just this search criteria, which makes your search a bit easier.  Pinterest has a huge audience that consists mainly of women, why primarily women? I do not know.


PLUS.GOOGLESearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, SEO, SMO

Plus.Google is an excellent place to post your blogs and company information.  Like Pinterest it is similar to Times Square NY with advertisement after advertisement everywhere witch no central theme.  And like Pinterest you can type into the search bar the desired business you are looking for and up pops thousands of business's in that category.  What I like most about Plus.Google is that Google itself gives it preferential treatment.  "How? you ask with one eye brow raised".  When I place by blog posts on Plus.Google.com it is very likely that they will appear in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when someone types in that search query.  This helps a great deal with your placement and website ranking. 




Twitter is the platform to use if you want to reach out to male and female users, particularly the young ones. Also if your business is in anyway provides news or insights, Twitter is an excellent choice.  I will post my blogs on twitter, however I do not see the engagement with my posts that I see on Facebook.  Twitter is very different than any other social media.  You can respond to and engage with your followers on Twitter if they ask a question about your blog post or your business.  Twitter is fast and furious and from what I have experienced can turn into a battle royal at a moments notice so be polite and do not take the bait if someone is setting you up to argue.  (been there, done that)


Instagram is much like Pinterest in that images are the main content you can post. What you will like about Instagram is that users usually overlap it with Twitter, so it could be a great combo for you.

So now that you know the different social media platforms much better, it's time that you choose which one or ones of them will work for your business. Keep in mind that your choice of social media platform for your internet marketing campaign will not benefit your business unless you share the right content with your audience. Make sure you post content that is relevant to the needs and wants of your audience. You should also provide your viewers with timely information on a regular basis. Wilkins Websites can take care of your social media campaign for you to ensure your business message is sent to the right audience.

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Domain Authority and SEO

Thomas Wilkins - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Website Design Services San AntonioWhat is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is one of the most important website metrics there is especially when it comes to SEO website optimization.  This metric was developed by Moz, and SEO experts believe that the greater your domain authority, the more likely it is for your website to generate more traffic and even rank high in search engines.  Domain Authority is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERP).  Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.We calculate Domain Authority (DA) combining many of our other link metrics — linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc. — into a single DA score. This score can then be used when comparing one site to another or tracking the "ranking strength" of a website over time.To help Domain Authority calculations approximate actual ranking positions, Moz will employ machine learning against Google's algorithm to best model how their search engine results are generated.  It is however important to note that just because a website has a low DA ranking, does not mean it will not rank high in the SERP.  This does not mean you should abandon your attempts to increase your DA ranking.  This means that increasing your DA ranking along with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts will help you to dominate the SERP.  


How to Improve Your Domain Authority?Website Templates

Step 1 - Improve your overall SEO

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, increasing your DA ranking along with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts will help you to dominate the SERP.  When it comes to improving your domain authority, it's a must that you improve search engine placement through effective (SEO). This includes all aspects of SEO, such as site structure, its navigability, URL structure, breadcrumbs, header tags, meta tags, keywords, word count, alt tags, and so on.  Content marketing is essential for your domain to gain authority.  Wilkins Websites offers several levels of SEO packages for our clients which will improve your DA, SEO and SERP ranking.

Step 2 - Produce quality and likable content

Your content marketing strategy will only begin once you have lots of linkable content. Ideally, you should create an article or infographic every day. Yes, that's a lot, but it's necessary. Content is actually the core of your internet marketing campaign, so you have to take it seriously. Keep in mind also that it's not all quantity that matters. More importantly, you need to create content that offers valuable information to your audience.  As Google calls it "Relevant Content".  Google in its efforts to contain the Black Hat SEO crowd will change their methods and algorithms frequently.  Recently at the time of this blog - Relevant Content or "is this content relevant to the Search Engine Query"? is very important in Googles SERP.

Search Engine Optimization SEOStep 3 - Pay attention to internal linking

High quality back links are extremely important, but do not overlook your internal links.  Internal links are simply links and anchors.  Anchors are basically links that are on the same page, that will scroll from topic to topic just by clicking on the anchor text.  Internal links are anchors from page to page on the same website.  Quite often when we do regular work on our existing website, without realizing it, we are breaking these links.  Broken links are frowned upon by Search Engines and will cost you with a lower score in your DA and SERP ranking. Search Engines will follow these internal links from page to page and if that page leads to a dead end you will be notified with a 404 message on your Google Webmaster Tools page.  I check my google webmaster tools daily to see if there are any new issues with my website that need to be addressed.  If there are, I do not post pone, I fix it right away and keep my errors at ZERO. 

Step 4 - Regularly check for toxic back links

You need to regularly check your link profile so you could get rid of spammy links. It's important that you not wait to be penalized by search engines before you make a move and clean up your link profile.  There are many resources online that you can check out to know how to remove toxic back links.  Daily I will go through the list of websites that are trying to link to my site by posting on my blogs.  I check the URL to see who they are and what they do.  Quite often I will find a porn site trying to link in, I put a stop to that right away by deleting that link.  Sites like this will cause your website ranking and DA to sink so fast it will make your head spin.  Since my business is Website Design, Website leasing and Search Engine Optimization I look for websites that are doing the same or similar thing that are linking in.  I approve these right away.  The more quality the website, the greater they will improve my DA and Website Ranking.  So don't let just anyone link it.  Lots of good links are good, lots of bad links are bad.

Step 5 - Don't rush things and be patient as you wait for resultsWebsite Lease Packages

As long as you are doing the steps above, there is no reason why your domain authority will go up. You need to give your domain time to age as well because this can also affect its authority. As a matter of fact, the older the domain, the better or greater its authority is. All you need to do is have discipline and dedication in doing the necessary things to improve your domain authority.


There are many other sites out there that can give you all the information you need to learn how to improve your domain authority. If you have no time to do all these, the best option you have is to invest in a reliable SEO marketing service provider like Wilkins Website.

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My Reputation Online

Thomas Wilkins - Friday, May 26, 2017


Your online reputation is all about you, your business, and your brand as a whole, which is why reputation management should be one of your highest SEO web marketing priorities. In this post, you will learn some tips on how you can dominate the search engine results pages and protect your online reputation at the same time.


#1 - Build your social media accounts.

Your social media accounts will serve as a bridge that will connect you with your audience. You need social media in order to increase your influence in the field as well.  Staying in constant contact via social media is quite possibly the biggest asset you have in Reputation Management.  First begin with your personal friends and family, send them requests to like your page or link with you.  Send requests to like your page to your college alumni list on your university's website, after that your high school, then grade school.  If you attend a Church, go to the Church website and find your fellow worshipers, send them a request to like your page or link with you.  Not everyone will, some may find it tacky or gauche but that's OK, these people would not have liked your page anyway so you have lost nothing.  There are so many social media platforms out there to choose from and people argue over which are the best.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PlusGoogle are some of the top platforms to start with.


#2 - Create a blog.ReputationManagementOnline

Blogging is a powerful weapon you can use to manage online reputation. With the right strategies, blogging could even boost your site's rankings. If you're an individual, it's recommended that you use YourName.com as your domain name. If you are a business, you should start a blog using the domain YourBusinessName.com.  Just to be clear, do not use that exact domain name, use your business name in your domain name URL.  For instance WilkinsWebsites.com comes with a blog.  The blog URL is http://www.wilkinswebsites.com/blog/ .  Using a blog is a very powerful tool to control the information about you.  There was a very funny TV show called How I met your mother.  A character on that show named Barney wrote his own blog to control all of the information about him on the internet to give himself a positive appearance online so that he could pick up women.  This is a comical way to illustrate how a blog can dominate the information on the web about you and your business.  Writing a blog a minimum once a week can keep all of the information about you and your business positive.  This constant barrage of positive information will push down any negative information someone may post on the web about your business.  Lets face it, no matter how hard you work to please your clients.  No matter how wonderful your product or service, there will always be someone that just can not be pleased and will tell anyone and everyone how unhappy they are.  A blog is the best way to remove the negativity someone will write about you.


Lease a Website#3 - Make sure your content is optimized.

Before you publish any new content, make sure that you optimize it first and check for any issues related with reputation management online. For your content, always put quality first. It must be your goal to create content that your audience will find useful. This will give them reason to come back to your site again and again.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines concentrate on content specifically Relevant Content.  Relevant Content basically means write something that is meaningful and insightful.  Placing keywords strategically within the blog helps a great deal.  Never plagiarize someone else's work.  Search engines actually know when you have copied another writers work and will penalize you for it.  Never never never use that software that takes another writers work and copy's it, changes a few words here and there to make it original.  It comes out making no sense and ends up being the opposite of Relevant Content that is meaningful and insightful.  If you are going to use another persons content - reference it.  Give links from your blog to their blog or website, honesty is always the best policy.    


#4 - Produce videos about your product/service.

YouTube videos rank so well in search results, which is why you should take advantage of it for your reputation management. Since millions of people watch videos every single day, there is a huge possibility that your videos will be seen as well. When optimizing your videos, be sure to include your keywords in your video title. Make sure also that you use video titles that are attractive and compelling to your viewers.  Put your URL or Blog in the description so that there is a link from the video to your website just in case that video goes "Viral".


#5 - Utilize Google Alerts.

With Google Alerts, you will be able to track mentions of your brand or name on the internet, and you can get free email notifications whenever your name is mentioned. The advantage of using this tool is that it allows you to be the first person to know the bad news, which means you can fix the issue before it goes out of control.

These are among the most important steps you need to take to ensure your online reputation is good. You could either do these things on your own, or you may also hire professionals to take care of your reputation management online. Wilkins Websites gives excellent services that will benefit your name or brand.

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How Important is Online Reputation Management

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Leasing a website

How you are perceived in the blogosphere plays an important role in the success of your business, which is why it's necessary that you manage your online reputation. There are several companies that can help get rid of all the negative information about you on Google, and they can also build a solid brand for you so your site could get high search rankings. These services, however, will cost you a lot of money.

The good news is that there are a couple of things that can be done without the help of any professional brand management company. We have listed the most effective reputation management seo strategies that you can do on your own.


1. Google search your name.Lease a website from Wilkins Websites

If you want to know what other people are saying about you online, the best way is to search for your name or business on Google and Google Images. You may as well set up a Google alert on your name so that you will be notified of any new information about yourself.  Setting up a Google Alert is so very easy.  Just go to Google Alerts and type in your name or your company name.  When ever there is any new information about these topics, you will be notified by Google.  This way you can stay on top of any negative issues that arise and correct them immediately.

Free Website template with a Website Lease2. Buy a domain name.


When you own a domain that reads YourFirstNameLastName.com, since it is an exact match to the Search Engine Query when someone googles your name it is more likely to be the first in the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  Less than flattering or even down right lies about your or your company on the internet will be pushed down the list when your name is searched, this is a good way to put unfavorable result about you on the 2nd or 3rd page of the SERP. It gives you control of your digital footprint and what people see about you. This SEO (search engine optimization) perk is incredibly valuable and you can do it yourself without the help of an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist.


3. Have all your content in a single place.

It's highly recommended that you create a blog and use your domain name for it. Your blog should contain very informative content which your target market should find useful.  When you lease a Website from Wilkins Websites Blog templates that are professionally designed are included with different lease packages.  These blogs are easy to use with little technical skill and are a great way to fill the internet with positive information about yourself or your company.  The more positive information about your or your company on the internet, the less likely negative information will be found.

4. Be active in social networking.Social Media Management is very important

Having social media accounts has become a vital part of any reputation management SEO. This is because there is a continuous increase in the number of internet users who rely on social networks to find the information they need. You don't have to be very active in them, but make sure you are not totally dormant. An article a month would be good just to have something in your accounts but it is recommended to have weekly or even more often articles or just posts on social media.  The more you your name or company name is mentioned positively on social media, the more favorable it will be.


5. Optimize your presence on social networking sites.

Website Lease

 networking sites have their ways of ranking member accounts. Facebook, for example, gaining numerous Likes and Shares can boost your presence in Facebook. It's important that you learn about how to rank in each site so you could optimize your presence effectively.  Last weeks blog from Wilkins Websites is about Facebook Likes,  Give it a good read to find out how to get Facebook likes with out paying for them.  Paying for Facebook Likes is very productive and not that expensive.  You can choose your budget, lets say $50.00 per week and get hundreds of likes each week this way.  Having thousands of Facebook likes is your goal as well as on twitter, linked in and others.


Yes, it could take a lot of time and effort to manage your online reputation. And if you are not confident in your skills, and you don't think you are diligent enough to do all these things above, it would be a better idea to hire a professional, like Wilkins Websites, to manage your online reputation for you.  Wilkins Websites specializes in Leasing a website to small business, there are 3 lease packages each with different features that can fit your needs and budget.


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Facebook Likes

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, May 15, 2017

Web Design Company San Antonio Lease a Website

Facebook is without a doubt one of the best advertising platforms available to both big and small businesses. It's very easy to use, inexpensive, and has a tremendous market reach. As an internet marketer, however, you might wonder if it is at all possible to get Facebook Likes without the need to buy ads? Many business owners don't think so, but the truth is, it's possible. In this post, you're going to learn how to do that so you could maximize Facebook for your internet marketing campaign.

Here's what you should do to get Facebook Likes without paying for ads:

1. Use posts that have a huge potential to be shared.

One of the best social media management tips for increasing Facebook page likes is to offer viewers content that they will love. When your fans find your content valuable or entertaining, they are very likely to share them with their own friends. The moment your content gets shared, your posts will reach people who are outside of your fan base. As a result, you are likely to gain hundreds of new fans.  The basics of this idea are pretty girls and puppies.  Everyone stops Website Leasing Services in San Antonio Texasto look at pretty girls and puppies.  Wilkins Websites will us a pretty girl we call "Lisa".  Lisa is a model that is perfect for our Website Design business advertising.  Lisa is dressed as if she works in the IT industry.  She is wearing blue jeans that are slightly torn and a tank top, all very normal for a Web Design Specialist.  Most of all Lisa is very beautiful, but no so beautiful that some may find her offensive (yes it happens).  She is very sexy, but not so sexy that some may find her offensive (hard to believe that someone can be too sexy).  She is dressed in a very tight clothes but is not scandalous in her appearance, she is absolutely perfect.  I will put Lisa on everything Wilkins Websites and everyone stops what they are doing to look at Lisa, then they will read the post, mission accomplished.


2. Post on a regular basis.

Posting shareable content is a vital part of successful social media management for small business, but it may be useless if you don't do it regularly. If you want your Page to continue to grow, you may have to post to your Page at least six times a day. You can actually determine what scheduling would work for you by testing out different posting frequencies and monitoring your analytic's.  In your regular posts you should use specific key words to relate to your business and its relationship with the search engines.  You should take note of the words in this blog post that are bold and italic, these are key words that we use to gain the attention of the search engines like Google, Bing and others. 


Website development,affordable services,professional web design, lease a website,

It's important for your brand to be easy to understand and people should be able to relate to you as well.. This means that the images and text that you will post should be something that will make you 'human' in the eyes of your viewers. Here are the things you can do to achieve this:

  • Sharing stories that are easy to relate to
  • Building trust by sharing such stories regularly
  • Responding to questions by fans, and engaging in conversations with them

And something that I can not stress enough, do not be a smarty pants.  Doing your research so that you are posting correct material is important.  What you do not want to do is write your post in such a manner that you are showing people just how smart you are, or how smart you think you are, this is a turn off for just about everyone.  I recall reading a book on a historical artifact "The Shroud of Turin".  While I have read many books on the subject, this particular book was written in such a manner that is was difficult to finish.  It was difficult to finish because while all of the information in the book was important and correct, reading the book showed that the author was trying desperately to show everyone just how brilliant he is.  I spoke with several people that read the book, even a scientist that studies the Shroud, they all agreed, the book was filled with great information but was difficult to finish because we all were painfully aware of the authors absolute need to show us that he is brilliant.  So when writing anything, be yourself, write things that are simple to read and do not over do it, no one likes a Mr Smarty Pants.

4. Spread the word about your Page outside Facebook.

Professionals social media for companies make sure that their clients' Facebook pages are promoted outside of Facebook as well. You can take advantage of your other social media followers and even your email subscribers to Like your Page as well. It is recommended also that you embed a Facebook Like Box on your blog or web pages so that your visitors will be encouraged to visit your Facebook page.  This blog will be posted on Linked in, Google Plus, Twitter and others.  We have different fans on each social media platforms



The popularity of social networking sites like Facebook has given marketers more and better means to promote their businesses. So, it's important that you invest in the best social media management by getting the services of professionals like Wilkins Websites. Check out their website and learn how they will help you grow your business.  Wilkins Websites is a Website Leasing Services in San Antonio Texas.  When you Lease a Website from Wilkins Websites you get Professional Website Design Services and Hosting included in our web design packages.  Our website lease packages come with Email Campaign's up to 10,000 Professional Monthly Email Advertisements. 


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Lease a Website designed by a professional

Thomas Wilkins - Friday, February 24, 2017

Woman with brown hair holding her glasses in her hand she is wearing a stripped shirt

Professional Sales men and women

Sales men and women dress up and talk to their clients and potential clients for a reason. They are presenting themselves as professionals, they have the experience, they are experts in their fields and they can deliver the product or service in a professional manner.  The same is true for your Website.  Your website is very often your sales professional.  In days gone by, salesmen and women would knock on doors to sell their products, now customers knock on your door by visiting your website.  Imagine a salesman knocking on your door to sell you a vacuum cleaner.  This salesman had long greasy hair that needed to be combed, he had not shaved, has a bad odor and his smile looked like his mouth has never seen a tooth brush, would you buy what he is selling?  Chances are no you would not.  So the Vacuum cleaner company fires this dirty guy and hires someone that dresses well, has good grooming habits and smells like he has just showered.  Suddenly the vacuum cleaner sales start to come in.  Your Website Design is not much different than these 2 different salesmen. 

Professional Website Designman drawing on a board the design of a website

Having your website designed by a professional website designer can greatly improve your sales.  These Website Designer's know exactly what to do to bring traffic to your website.  These professionals will design your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.  There are many aspects to website design that can make you or break you in the online business world.  I will describe a poorly designed website by oh lets say, your nephew.  Your nephew has all the good intentions in mind when he tells you that he took a course in high school and knows how to build a website.  He will build this website for your business for FREE, just to get the real world experience.  You think you are saving a lot of money, when in reality, your nephew's inexperience when he built your website will cost you more money than you would have spent to have a professional build your website.  It is sad, but true. 

girl wearing a white shirt and has long brown hair looks shockedBuild your own website

Building your own website sounds like a great idea.  You can save a lot of money and companies like GoDaddy and Wix will help with tutorials.  I am here to tell you it is not as easy as they make it sound.  I have spoken with clients that began by speaking with a professional website designer, found out that they had to get a 2nd mortgage on their home to get the website, so they looked into building a website themselves.  After several months of trying to build this website them selves, they finally gave up and called WilkinsWebsites.com.  These business owners told me that they would work at their business all day long, 12 and 14 hours or more.  Then they would get on their computer and try this build your own website stuff.  No matter how simple these companies try to make it, it is not that simple.  This is why WilkinsWebsites has created the 3rd option.

Lease a Website

When you lease a website you get a professionally designed website.  These websites have been designed by professionals with all the SEO in mind to drive traffic to your website.  This is called "On Page Optimization".  In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there is On Page and Off Page Optimization.  On Page Optimization is simply the techniques of SEO that are on your website such as image description, links, anchor text and much more.  These On Page issues are provided when you lease a website from WilkinsWebsites.com.  You just choose a professionally built website from the list of over 60 website templates provided.  Then you provide us with the text, logo and images you want on the website.  We will customize this Website Template for you to fit your business.  You don't need to take out a 2nd mortgage on your home to pay a professional website designer.  You will not have to spend time in the wee hours of the morning before and after work building a website yourself.  We have already done all the work designing and building this website for you.  Just lease a website, there is no need to buy it and definitely do not build it yourself. 

Costwoman wearing a grey hat with black glasses on her face with text that reads increase your business with a website lease

To have a professional web designer build your website from scratch can cost as little as $25,000.00 and go up to $85,000.00 and higher.  You will need to empty your business bank account or take out a 2nd mortgage on your home to get this done.  While this is a good way to go, you need to keep your money in your bank account and you definitely do not want to have the 2nd mortgage conversation with your wife. 

To build a website yourself is very cost effective and can cost a little as $200.00 per year, however since you are not a professional web designer, what will your website look like when you are finished? "If you finish".

Leasing a Website is the most cost effective choice you have.  When you lease a website you get a Professionally built Website at a very reasonable monthly lease fee.  Our lease fees begin at $50.88 per month for a website lease.  This basic level lease provides a Website, Hosting, 10 hosted email accounts and Customer Relations Management (CRM) system. The next level in our lease program is web marketing at $80.88 per month.  Web Marketing website lease provides a Website, Hosting, 10 hosted email accounts, CRM, a Blog and 5,000 professional email campaigns per month.  The highest Website lease level is eCommerce.  This lease provides everything the other lease packages provide and 10,000 professional email campaigns per month, events module and eCommerce. 

girl holding her purse over her left shoulder, she is wearing a white shirt and blue jean pantsCost Comparisons

I described in a earlier paragraph of this blog how building your website yourself or having your nephew build it for you can be cost effective, but cost you time and so much money in sales in the long run.  Having a website designed by a professional while this is a good decision can cost a minimum of $25,000.00 and go up to $85,000.00 or more.  Leasing a Website from WilkinsWebsites.com is the most cost effective way to have a Business Website.  Simple math shows us that leasing a website for $80.88 per month will cost your company approximately $970.00 per year.  You would have to lease a website for 25 years to get near the $25,000.00 a professional web designer will charge you.  To sum it up, Leasing a website gets you professional web design with the cost effectiveness of building a website yourself.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


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The Cloud

Thomas Wilkins - Thursday, February 16, 2017

Girl wearing blue jeans and a white shirt leaning on a sign that reads website hosting what is it and who does it wilkins website design and leasing

The Cloud

is the latest technology advancement that caused the Non Tech Savvy folks to scratch their heads and just walk away confused. In 2014 there was a movie with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. In one scene the couple was arguing about a personal video they made that somehow ended up on "The Cloud" where anyone and everyone could download it. Cameron Diaz argues that he should just "Take it down from the Cloud". Then Jason Segel responds "Nobody understands The Cloud, its a mystery". This is a very funny movie and portrays the kind of confusion less than tech savvy people have about this mystery called "The Cloud". Wilkins Websites will break this mystery down and end all of this confusion. First of all, do not let this example of the movie confuse you, when you store files, movies and pictures on the cloud, they are NOT accessible to everyone, just you with your user name and password.

Lets go back to the beginning. As computers have gotten smaller and portable (laptops) their hard drives have gotten smaller. Your Hard drive is where all of your information is stored, like a filing cabinet holds all of your records, your hard drive holds all of your files. Techopedia explains hard drive like this:

"Definition - What does Internal Hard Drive mean?

An internal hard drive is the primary storage device located inside a computer system. It usually contains pre-installed software applications, the operating system and other files. Most desktop computers have several internal hard drives, allowing them to provide greater data storage. On the other hand, laptop computers can only accommodate one internal hard drive, forcing the user to add an external storage device to store data that exceeds the laptop’s internal capacity."

External Hard Drives:

image of an external hard drive, it is black with a black usb cable

Techopedia explains how there is now a need for External Hard Drives. "An External Hard Drive is just what the names says, a Hard Drive that is external or "Separate" from the computer. These External Hard Drives are sometimes very large, to medium and even small, up to a Tera Byte or more of space (Tera Byte is a lot of space). They are connected to the computer or laptop computer with a hard wire, a fire wire, USB, thunderbolt and others. I carry a Terra Byte external hard drive in my briefcase along with the USB cable to connect it to my Macbook Air laptop. The Macbook Air has very little storage because it is so very small and requires an external hard drive to make it functional."


a hand holding a smart phone, above the smart phone is a cloud

Definition - What does Cloud Storage mean?

According to Techopedia, "Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the Internet, or "cloud." It is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service provider on a storage servers that are built on virtualization techniques. Cloud storage is also known as utility storage - a term subject to differentiation based on actual implementation and service delivery."

So lets simplify this technical blah blah blah. Now that you know what an external hard drive is, what it is for and how it is used, The next step in the evolution of External Hard Drives is "The Cloud". The Cloud is simply an external hard drive that you access using an internet connection, not the traditional Hard Wire used for portable external hard drives. Yes it is true, it is no more complicated than this. I will say it again, The Cloud is nothing more than a hard drive or storage device where your files are kept, that you access using an internet connection.

How to use The Cloud:woman holding a sign that is blue with clouds, in the clouds are computers, phones and tablets

There are several Cloud Servers available to the general public, a few of them are 1) Amazon Cloud 2) AT&T 3) Google 4) iCloud (what I use) and right here in San Antonio TX 5)  Rack Space. When you are given or you purchase cloud space you are required to create a user name and password, save these, they are important. When you have important files that you want to save, it is best to use the 3,2,1 rule. A 3,2,1 rule means having at least 3 copies of your files, 2 of which are local but on different devices (one on your computer, 1 on an external hard drive), and at least 1 copy offsite (the cloud). It is also very important to name each file appropriately and store each file in the proper folder. Rule #1, never store anything to your desktop, that just slows down your computer when you turn it on. Rule #2, save your files to Documents, pictures to pictures and movies to movies. rule #3, then create a special folder within these locations such as "Personal files" or "Work Files" "School" and so on. This makes finding your files very easy. If you do not name your files, the computer will name it for you, a name like (scan135fbq), try remembering that file name

Here is a scenario that many people can relate to. A Real Estate Agent is in her office when an offer to purchase her listing is delivered, She opens the envelope and reads the offer. Everything is in order, escrow check, option fee, credit check for the buyers and the pre-approval letter from the bank, most of all the offer is for the asking price of the home. This is the best offer she has received for this listing and its about time, this listing has been on the market for too long. So she quickly scans every page of the offer, the pre-approval letter, escrow and option checks. She uses the 3,2,1 rule of saving this important file, 1 to her computer, 1 to her external hard drive and 1 to the cloud. She names this file "Best Offer Yet" and stores it in the folder called "123 Easy St. Offers" She calls her client to give him the good news and they set up a meet at a local pub and restaurant to discuss the offer and celebrate with a burger and a beer.

woman holding her glasses in her hand, she has brown hair and is wearing a striped shirtShe gets to the pub and realizes that she left the paperwork on her desk at work. Fighting the rush hour traffic to get to the office and back is not an option, what is she going to do? She then remembers that she used the 3,2,1 rule for file storage. She pulls her iPad out of her purse, using the pubs free WiFi, logs into the cloud with her user name and password and opens the file that is stored in "Documents", the folder "Work", then folder "123 Easy St Offers" and finds the file "Best Offer Yet". She and her client go over the offer using her iPad, her client is able to read the entire offer while enjoying his bacon cheeseburger and ice cold beer. He is impressed with the offer, her efficiency and technical expertise. He accepts the offer, they clink beer bottles and smile.

I hope this blog helped you understand this mysterious cloud. WilkinsWebsites.com specializes in Leasing a Website to small business. Just choose a Website Template from the list of over 60 professionally built websites. This Website will then be customized to fit your business and the lease begins. $50.88 per month, $80.88 per month or $160.88 per month. This is very cost effective for small business. Lease a Website, Save Money, Increase Profits, Be Successful

woman holding her purse while running her fingers through her hair, she is wearing jeans and a white shirt, text reads lease a website save money increase profits be successful wilkins websites design and lease 830-421-3339


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What is Web Hosting

Thomas Wilkins - Saturday, February 11, 2017

Girl wearing blue jeans and a white shirt leaning on a sign that reads website hosting what is it and who does it wilkins website design and leasing

Techopedia explains Web Host

A Web host may be either an Internet service provider, or companies that specifically provide a Web hosting service, such as WilkinsWebsite.com, GoDaddy, BlueHost and FatCow.  Personal websites are often provided for free, while business websites are much more expensive.

The percentage of time the Web host server is actually connected to the Internet, thus allowing access to the websites it hosts, is called uptime. This value is typically higher than 99 percent, with about 45 minutes of downtime per month for maintenance.

There are many types of Web hosts and Web hosting services. These include:

  • Shared Web Hosting: Numerous sites are hosted on the same server.
  • Reseller Hosting: Clients are allowed to be Web hosts themselves.
  • Dedicated Hosting: The client/user gains full control of the server, but often does not actually own the hardware.
  • Managed Hosting: The user/client does not have full control, allowing the Web host to assure the quality of the service. The user may manage data using FTP or remote management tools.
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cluster Hosting
  • Grid Hosting

Lets simplify all of this technical blah blah.  You have a website, you purchased it, built it yourself or are leasing it.  Your website is actually just a bunch of code that looks like this,

<script>girl with long brown hair has a flustered look on her face.
(function(i, s, o, g, r, a, m) {
i['GoogleAnalyticsObject'] = r;
i[r] = i[r] || function() {
(i[r].q = i[r].q || []).push(arguments)
}, i[r].l = 1 * new Date();
a = s.createElement(o),
m = s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];
a.async = 1;
a.src = g;
m.parentNode.insertBefore(a, m)
})(window, document, 'script', '//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js', 'ga');

ga('create', 'UA-64147125-1', 'auto');
ga('send', 'pageview');

There is a more to it than this but this is just an example.  This example is actually the code that google generated when I registered my website with them.  It helps with googles ranking my website in their Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  Your website looks much like this in the back ground.  Without hosting all of this code will just sit there and do nothing.  No one will be able to see your website or purchase your products.  Web Hosting is like a TV network, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and so on.  It airs the programs that have been made.  Without the TV network programs that have been filmed, edited and all the pieces put together to make our favorite programs would never be seen.  The TV Network "Airs" the program so that when you turn on your TV, you can tune to your program and watch it.  This is an over simplified example of what web hosting is.  It takes the websites that are already built and "Airs" them so that when you turn on your computer you can tune to your favorite website to get information or be entertained. 

Lease a Website instead of going with one of those other companies

girl holding a sign that reads lease a website save money increase profits wilkins website design and hosting

  • Companies like Go Daddy while they provide a good service will charge you for every piece of that service individually, in other words, they will "Nickle & Dime you to death".  You can host your website with them for a very reasonable fee.  Then you find out that you need to pay for email addresses.  You want E-Commerce? Extra Fee.   oh you want a blog, that's an extra fee, and so on.  Suddenly that very reasonable hosting fee is not reasonable at all.  WilkinsWebsites.com has no surprises, everything is up front and in the light of day.  We offer 3 packages of website lease, which includes hosting.
  • Basic Website Lease:  Website, 10 email addresses Included, Customer Relations Management Included, Website Hosting Included $50.88 per month
  • Web Marketing:  Website, 10 email addresses Included, Customer Relations Management Included, 5,000 Professional email campaigns per month Included, Website Blog Included, Website Hosting Included, $80.88 per month
  • e-Commerce Website Lease: Website, 10 email addresses included, Customer Relations Management Included, 10,000 Professional email campaigns per month Included, Website Blog Included, Events module Included, e-commerce Included, Website Hosting Included. $160.88 per month.

Final Thought

To sum it up, you can go with one of the may companies that lure you in with an ad that reads "get a website for $1.99 per month and thats it, nothing more.  None of what you actually need to have a functional website.  No hosting, no email addresses, no e-commerce, no blogs or events.  All of this is an extra fee which adds up to a lot more than $1.99 per month. 

Or you can lease a website from WilkinsWebsites.com.  Wilkins Websites has everything up front.  There is no bait and switch.  We have 3 website lease packages and all 3 have different levels of products and hosting included.  Our prices are very cost effective for small business or just a person that wants a website for personal reasons.  We look forward to hearing from you


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Simple and effective tips to rank in Google

Thomas Wilkins - Thursday, February 02, 2017

girl wearing a grey hat, she is holding her glasses.  she is wearing a black shirt


In the past, creating and designing a website, and getting found in Google was not a difficult thing to do. All you needed to do is choose a domain, be familiar with some basic HTML, perform a bit of keyword research, choose title tags and meta tags, produce content, and that would be it!

However, with Google's endless desire for authenticity, quality, usability and authority, it is now not enough that you design website and perform basic (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Website owners today have to be knowledgeable of the best SEO practices if they want their websites to rank high in search engines, particularly Google.


Here are the most important things to consider if you want your website to rank high in Google's search engine:

a. Google loves content...unique content...Relevant Content!!!

Over the years, we have seen how Google has given importance to Relevant content creation as an internet marketing tool.  Basically when creating "On Page Content" (information On your website) that someone actually wants to read has proven to be a great tool in ranking in Google and other search engines.   By creating content that is well researched and good information written in a manner that is easy to read and understand attracts people to your website or blog.  This also attracts other websites and bloggers to "Link to your website".  The more links you have to your site, Google will see that your website is (for lack of a better term) Popular.  Google will matches the most popular websites to the Google searcher from the most Relevant content to the search query in the (SERP) Search Engine Result Page.  To sum it up, Write great content on your website and in your blogs that people want to read, get links to your website from people that like your work, get ranked in the Google SERP.

b. Off-page optimizationGirl wearing blue jeans and a white shirt holding a sign that reads inbound links

The inbound links mentioned in the previous paragraph are part of Off-Page Optimization.  By attracting the Inbound Links to your website or blog you are optimizing your Off Page SEO.  Inbound links are just a small part of Off Page Optimization but an extremely important part.  The quality of your inbound links are important as well.  I will use an extreme example to make my point.  If you have 10,000 inbound links from porn sites and other useless websites, these 10,000 links will actually hurt your Search Engine Result Page Ranking.  However if you have 1,000 high quality websites linking to your website, This will help your SERP Ranking a great deal.  What are quality links?  Websites and blogs that are relevant to your business or blog that produce quality content.  An example would be I am in the Website Design business, so is Go Daddy and Wix.  If I could get Go Daddy and Wix to link to my website, this would be a huge benefit to my SERP ranking.  You will need many more links than the 1,000 I mentioned, but this was just an example.  How many links do your need? As many as you can get! 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 links.  This takes a lot of work, quality work, quality content, RELEVANT CONTENT.

Another aspect of Off Page Optimization is working within your Google WebMaster Tools.  You should Register your website with Google.  Googleimage of the google webmaster tools errors page will then provide to you code that must be placed in the Head Tag <head></head> of your website.  Google will then crawl your website which basically translates to reading your website content.  Google will identify errors on your website that need to be corrected.  These errors could be broken links, dead URL's, images that are not properly identified.  Identified Images? yes, Google can not see "YET" so it needs your help with identifying your images.  These errors and others not mentioned here must be corrected.  Google has a graph of your crawled website with the number of errors on each day the website is crawled.  Here is an image of my website errors graph showing that the errors have been corrected.  There is 1 error remaining.  I am having some difficulty with this error but it will be correct and I will have zero errors which will assist with my Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Ranking.  

c. Search engine site map

If you feel that Google and other search engines are not able to discover some of your web pages, a site map designed for search engines will help. Again, using a site map is not a guarantee that your website will be indexed and listed in Google, but it will certainly be beneficial if you are designing a website to include a site map for search engines. What is a site map? to over simplify it, it is a web page with all of your web pages and blogs identified and linked properly to those pages.

d. ALT text on images

girl holding a purse while running her fingers through her hair.  she is wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.  the text reads lease a website save money increase profits be successful wilking website design and leasing 830-421-3339If you are using images on your website and pages without placing ALT text on them, you are missing out on a great opportunity to rank in Google. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Google and other search engines can not "YET" see your website.  It needs to read your website.  When Google and other search engines come across your images, there needs to be a description of that image for the search engine to know what that image is.  If there is no image description Google will assume the worst and not index that page or even your entire website until the image is properly identified.  An ALTernate text is a short description of what your images are about. The words you put in the ALT text are as important as the words you put all over your web page, so you should not take it for granted.  Here is an example of the code for an image with the Alt text included

<img src="name of image" alt="description of the image"
title="is similar to description but the title" style="float: right; margin: 10px;" width="60%" height="adjust">width and height are set to 60% and adjust.  60% will keep the image at 60% of the width of the page no matter how big or small the page is.  Height adjust will adjust the height of the image to the width of the image as the width changes. 

e. Choose the right SEO company (Search Engine Optimization)

girl wearing blue jeans and a white shirt holding a sign that reads white hat SEO

There are many companies out there that will say they could make your site rank high in search engines.  The latest thing is an SEO company will GUARANTEE to put your website on the first page of Google.  When a company makes this claim you should just hang up the phone.  This is a claim that can not be guaranteed using proper techniques.  What are proper vs. improper techniques?  Google, Bing/yahoo and other search engines have approved methods of SEO, this is called "White Hat SEO Techniques".   Improper SEO techniques are called "Black Hat SEO Techniques"Techopedia has a great description of white hat vs. black hat seo.  These companies that Guarantee 1st page of google results will most likely use the black hat techniques.  When Google, Bing/Yahoo discover that your website is using Black Hat Techniques your website will be "De-listed" from the search engines.  Being De-Listed simply means, you will be kicked out of the SERP.  Getting back in will not be easy.  The 12 labors of Hercules will seem like a vacation compared to the groveling you have to do to get back in the good graces of the search engines.  WilkinsWebsites.com employs only White Hat SEO techniques.  If you are considering hiring an SEO specialist please consider us. 

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Lease a website and grow your business

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, December 18, 2016

Woman wearing a hat and glasses, her hand is holding the glasses while on her face, text reads increase your business with a website lease


In the past an absolute for business success was simply an ad in the local business listings such as the Yellow Pages.  30 years ago my brother an I ran a construction company.  The competition was extremely high for this business, we struggled daily with getting new business.  We relied primarily on word of mouth, our Church and a small ad in the local news paper that came out every Wednesday.  Then one day my brother decided to place an ad in the Yellow Pages, the cost was $800.00 per month.  This was a lot of money 30 years ago, our business boomed immediately.  The next year he increased the size of the ad and of course with it the cost, but again our business boomed.  The Yellow Pages had a corner on the market for business advertising and small business paid the price if they wanted to survive. 

Today the playing field has changed.  Each one of us can have our own Full Page Ad with a website.  The benefits of having a website are immeasurable. But still, there are professionals and even small business owners that do not have a website yet.  Typically, they know that their business needs a website, but they just don't know how to get a website! Often the cost of a website is so high, that the business owner needs to take out a 2nd mortgage on their home to have a website design.  The cost of having a website built for small business can start at $35,000.00 and go up to $85,000.00 or higher this is completely unnecessary.  


Girl standing next to a sign that reads Lease It.  She has long brown hair and is wering blue jeans and a tank top shirtLeasing a Website is an alternative to mortgaging your home to get a website.  Leasing a website is a new concept that is being introduced by WilkinsWebsites.com.  When a small business owner decides that they want a website, they can just browse through the list of 60 website templates provided by Wilkins Websites.  There are many different types of website templates such as Church Websites, Restaurant Websites, Coffee Shop Websites, Realtor Websites and many more.  When a Website Template is chosen that template will then be customized to fit that individual small business at no additional cost.  The changes that are made are the photo's from existing photo's to the photo's of the small business leasing the website.  Then the text, logo, contact information, price list and much more. 

With all these changes to the website template On Page Optimization is included.  On Page Optimization is basically making the images/photo's search engine friendly with proper identification of that image so the search engines can properly identify what is on the page along with other Search Engine Optimization actions.  All of this SEO is included with the free set up of your new website.  When the customization and set up is complete then your 1 year lease begins.  The prices are very cost effective at $50.88 per month, $80.88 per month and $160.88 per month. 

The 3 levels of website lease have different features. 

1st at $50.88 per month is just a static website from about 10 years ago,

1 TB of bandwidth per month, 1 GB of storage, content management system, site analytics, web forms, social media sharing, support services, FTP file manager, 10 hosted email accounts and dynamic menu builder. With Unlimited Web Pages.

2nd at $80.88 per month is the Marketing Website level. girl holding sun glasses in right hand and her purse in her left hand and over holder.  she is wearing blue jeans and a white tank top 

1 TB of bandwidth per month, 1 GB of storage, content management system, site analytic's, web forms, social media sharing, support services, FTP file manager, 10 hosted email accounts and dynamic menu builder.  Blogs, photo galleries, ad rotator's, media downloads, customer data base, 5,000 email marketing campaigns per month, community forums and built in modules with Unlimited Web Pages.

3rd at $160.88 per month is the eCommerce website level. 

"All In One" solution for your online business. This plan includes hosting for 1 user, 1 TB of bandwidth per month, 1 GB of storage, content management system, site analytics, web forms, social media sharing, support services, FTP file manager, 10 hosted email accounts and dynamic menu builder. Blogs, photo galleries, ad rotators, media downloads, customer data base, 10,000 email marketing campaigns per month, community forums, and built in modules with unlimited pages. E-Commerce, business reporting, event bookings, web apps and social media integration and Unlimited Web Pages. The E-Commerce website will be Customized to fit your business at no cost to you with the exception of the addition of your products and pricing. Due to the increased time needed to set up an E-Commerce website, each E-Commerce website "Products and Prices" will be determined on a case by case basis at a flat fee.

image of 2 lap tops with two hand shaking from each screen indicating online businessBenifits of having a website lease are:

a. Potential clients/customers can find you

One of the most important reasons you need a business website is to allow people to find you online. Statistics show that more and more people are using the Internet to find businesses, products, and services. The more visible you are online, the more customers will come to your business.

b. People will know more about what you do and what you offer

Another reason why even professionals or individuals need a website lease for their presence online is to let others know about their expertise. If you are searching for a job, for instance, a company may contact you if they see in your website that you have the credentials and experience they are looking for.

c. You can build a reputation and prove your credibility

If a potential employer is considering hiring you, or a potential client is thinking about getting your services, they would want to know more about you.  With a Website Lease, you can have an 'About' page where you can put all information about you, along with some testimonials about your products or services.

d. Your site lets people know your expertisegirl holding sign above her head that reads wilkins website design and hosting

Having a business blog in your website is an excellent way to spread information about everything you are good at. Through this blog, prospective clients can learn more about what help they can expect from you. Your blog will also play an important role in search engine optimization, which will increase your chances of generating traffic to your website.

e. Your website will generate leads for you

When people find your site, it's important that you make it easy for them to reach you. There should be a form where customers can fill out, as well as your contact details - email, phone number, etc.

How to Get a Website Lease

Contact Wilkins Website Design & Hosting Browse though the list of Website Templates.  Choose a Template then have us customize that template to fit your business.  Choose from one of the 3 levels of lease then your 1 year lease begins.  It is that simple.   Check out our website and learn how they may help you.

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Fixing your online reputation

Thomas Wilkins - Friday, December 02, 2016

girl holding her hands to her face in terror at what she sees

Have you tried searching for your website or business name on Google and ended up being overwhelmed by the negative results? We all know that employers Google prospective employees, just like how potential customers Google the products they're thinking of purchasing. Negative blogs or comments about you can have negative effects on your reputation, so it's vital that you learn how to fix your reputation online before it causes serious damage to your business.

Follow these simple yet effective steps for restoring your Google reputation:


1. Use Google's online reputation management tool.

This Google tool enables you to request information to be removed from your website or from someone else's website. To do this, you need a Google+ account. This reputation management tool also makes it possible for you to omit specific items from Google search. This is such a helpful tool that most internet marketing online businesses are also utilizing it to manage their online reputation.


2. Be active on social media.Girl holding a sign that reads reputation is everything

When a person's or a business name is Googled, among the first things that show up their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media links. These social networks are high authority sites, so it's important that you also have one. This also explains why social media and businesses always go hand-in-hand. Make sure that your posts are informative and entertaining, so they will be easily shared. Keep your social media pages and profiles appropriate and professional-looking as well.


3. Get rid of your old blogs or online profiles.

In most cases, outdated blogging or social media profiles contain information that is inaccurate and even embarrassing. To keep your online reputation professional, you have to make sure such information is deleted. If you can't remember your passwords in some of them, try contacting the company or the website directly and ask how you can change or remove those blogs or profiles.


girl holding sun glasses4. Respond to some comments.

If there are negative comments from your customers or clients in your own website or blog, it could be a good idea for you to respond to some of them. If some customers are unhappy with your products, for instance, you may politely ask what issues they are experiencing with your products and reassure them that you are doing something about it. If you do this, make sure that you really do something about it. You don't want to frustrate your customers the second time around.

If you're worried that you don't know how to fix your reputation online or if you're not sure you're doing enough to restore it, you might as well leave it to the hands of our experts at Wilkins Websites. At Wilkins, we have the experience, expertise, and the tools that will help you succeed online.

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Why lease a website | San Antonio Web Design

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, November 07, 2016

girl holding a sign that reads lease a website save money increase profit wilkins website design and hosting

CEOs dress up and talk to their staff for a reason. They are professionals, they have the experience, and they are experts in their fields. The same is true for professional web designers. While Wilkins Website Design & Hosting will design a website from scratch for our clients, we specialize in Leasing a website to our clients.  Our clients will choose from the dozens of website templates that we provide.  From the Website template we will customize that template to fit your business, then your lease begins.  Leasing a website allows you to save money, increase profits and be successful.  

The long list of websites that are available for lease at Wilkins Websites are designed in a way that will help you attract visitors to your site and customers for your business.   The following are the benefits you will receive when you lease a website from Wilkins Website design & hosting:

1. First impressions matter

In 1980 I was in Marine Corp Boot Camp MCRDSD.  Our drill instructors repeated almost daily, "Your first impression is the last impression".  Your first impression is a very important in convincing visitors that you are a professional and that you offer quality services or products. With a professionally designed website lease, you can leave a great first impression that will entice visitors to do business with you.

2. Your site will highlight your expertise.

When you lease a website from Wilkins Websites, it will showcase what you do best. Whether you are a writer, a lawyer, or a cell phone retailer, your website will showcase the skills you have to offer.  Our web designers will customize your website to fit your business by changing the logo, text, contact information and images to present the first impression of your business in the best possible light.  Potential clients and returning clients will view your website and you as "Professional".  Remember what my Marine DI screamed into my ear "Your first impression is the last impression".  

3. Present Success.

Many small business owners will build a website from one of the online Build a Website companies.  This is a great way to save1972 AMC pacer it is blue and is in an open field money for the small business, however the results may not be what you want or expected.  People are attracted to success, so you must present success to be successful.  I explain this to my potential clients like this.  If you are going to a meeting with a potential client do you want to pull up to that meeting in a 1972 AMC pacer? or a new Lincoln Navigator?  Pulling up to that meeting in an AMC Pacer will cost you the sale.  Building you own website, while it may be functional and get the job done is often viewed by potential clients as unprofessional and may create an negative opinion about you and your business.  The client and potential client may think that this unprofessional website is a representation of the work you will do for them.  By choosing one of the 60 website templates provided by Wilkins Websites you will have a website built by a professional website designer and has been customized to fit your business.  Leasing a Website from Wilkins Websites will give to your clients an impression of professionalism and success and actually attract clients to your business.  

4. Improved search engine visibility

The web designers employed by Wilkins Websites are experts and are up-to-date with all the current trends in search engine optimization, and they make sure that every website they build are going to be SEO friendly.  In short, leasing a website from Wilkins Website Design and Hosting will give your website a great chance to rank high in search engines.

5.  Email Marketing, Blogs, Events and e-Commerce

girl holding sign that reads lease itLeasing a Website from Wilkins Websites provides 10 email addresses,  5,000 to 10,000 professional email campaigns per month included, a professional blog, interactive Events module and e-Commerce all included with your website lease.  When you go with one of those build your own website companies they charge you additional fees for Email, Email campaigns, blogs, events and e-commerce.  Suddenly that inexpensive website has become very expensive.  Wilkins Websites has no surprise charges.  We have 3 levels of websites, each has certain features and different prices.  Our basic website that is just a web presence has 10 email addresses,CRM (Customer Relations Management). and no additional features costs $50.88 per month or $508.80 per year.  The next level is the Marketing Website.  The Marketing Website provides 10 email addresses, a professional blog and 5,000 professional email campaigns per month and CRM (Customer Relations Management) and costs $80.88 per month or $808.80 per year.  Next is our e-Commerce website and provides e-Commerce that connects to your bank or any other system you choose, 10 email addresses, professional blog, 10,000 professional email campaigns and interactive events along with CRM (Customer Relations Management).  This level costs $160.88 per month or $1,608.80 per year.  

There are no surprises, no hidden fees.  Save money, increase profits, be successful with Wilkins Website Design & Hosting.  


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SEO mistakes

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, October 30, 2016

Girl looking concerned with the word "Mistake", with the word "Avoid"

WilkinsWebsites.com specializes in "Lease a Website" to small business.  Leasing a Website saves money, increases profits which assists in business success.  Lets do some simple comparisons.  Last year my business borrowed $16,000.00 for a small business project.  The repayment of this $16K is $525 per month.  Purchasing a website costs much more than $16K, but this is the number we will use.  The cost of Leasing a Website is $50.88 per month, $80.88 per month (marketing) and $160.88 per month (E-Commerce).  Compare $525.00 per month loan repayment on a $16K loan with $50.88, $80.88 & $160.88 per month.  The Savings speak for themselves.  No longer does a small business need to take a 2nd mortgage on their home to purchase a website for their business.  No longer does a small business owner need to take all of his or her time to build a website and maintain it.  Wilkins Websites will do it for you for a low monthly lease fee.  Save money, Increase profits and be Successful.

Now that you have your website running, of course you want people to start visiting it soon. The problem, however, is that you've got a lot of competition out there. So your biggest challenge now is how to make your website stand out so it could generate high traffic. The good news is that with the right search engines optimization strategy, your site will become more searchable by internet users.


You can generate more traffic to your site by avoiding the following mistakes:


image of girl holding her fingers to her mouth and looking disgusted1. Not focusing too much on your content.

Imagine how you do your search on the web. Do you like websites that offer too little information or information that has very little value? Internet users want information, and that's what you should offer in your website.


2. Concentrating too much on SEO.

Yes, search engine optimization SEO is important for your site to rank in search results. But you cannot be too technical all the time. Again, you need to focus on providing users with value and relevant information. There is no point in having the best keywords and other search engines optimization strategy if your audience will get nothing from your site. Thus, you need to find the right balance between optimizing your site and making it valuable to readers.


3. Not taking your readers into consideration.

You have to know what types of people actually visit your website. What are they looking for? What do they need? What problem are they looking to solve?

Google and all other search engines are excellent at evaluating your site content and matching it to searches. Thus, you have to take into consideration what your readers are searching for, and structure your content accordingly.


4. Using duplicate content.

One of the worst things you can do to your site is fill it with duplicate content. What we mean here is using identical content for the different girl looking shocked at what she seespages of your website. Google hates websites with such content. You need to produce original and unique content at all times.


5. Skipping the tag.

Your tag is actually what tells your readers and search engines what each of your web pages is all about. Tags are displayed on the search results pages, as well as in users' browser tab. Thus, your tag has to be clear so that your page would be worth clicking.


6. Not optimizing your images.

Effective search engine optimization jobs, like what Wilkins Website Design & Hosting offers, are those that pay attention to optimizing images on web pages as well. This way, Google's search bots will be able to identify what images are found on your site. Your images should have descriptive file names, and don't forget to use ALT TEXT to describe what your image is.

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Lease a Website

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, October 23, 2016
girl leaning on a sign that reads wilkins website design and leasing with a phone number of 830-421-3339, the text reads lease a website


Girl holding a sign that reads lease a website save money increase profits wilkins website design and hostingWebsite Leasing

Leasing a Website is a new concept that few companies are offering.  When you Lease a Website from Wilkins Websites, you Save Money, Increase Profits which assists in your Business Success. Very often when a company decides to get an online presence by purchasing a website, that company is required to go to the bank and borrow the $20,000 up to $85,000 or more just to have their website built.  Then they have to go through the maddening routine with the web designer guessing what you want, and the back and forth conversations with the web designer of "what do you want?", "this is what you said you wanted", "ok, I will change it, AGAIN" when designing your website. 

Wilkins Websites believes that getting an online presence should not be expensive or stressful.  We feel that getting a website should be as easy as choosing your next new car.  When you choose a new car, you do not go to the car manufacturer, you go to the car dealer.  That car dealer has dozens of different car models on the lot.  You then decide if you want a car or a truck, you decide a truck.  Should the truck have a long bed or a short bed, "Long Bed".  2 door or 4 door? "4 door".  4 cylinder, 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder?  Well its a long bed 4 door so you go with the 8 cylinder.  Now the color, white? Red? Black?  You choose white, then you pay for it, and drive off the lot.  This is how you lease a website with Wilkins Websites.

Leasing a Website is as easy or easier than buying or leasing a new car or truck.  The small business owner goes to WilkinsWebsites.com.  In the menu you would choose "Websites".  The Websites page has 60 websites for you to choose from.  Choose a Restaurant Website, or a Bistro Website.  If you have an auto repair shop you would choose the Auto Repair Website.  If you sell automobiles you would choose the Auto Sales Website.  There are several Coffee Shop Websites to choose from as well.  Church Websites, Construction Websites, and many more.  When you have chosen a website, we will then customize that website to fit your unique business.  We will change the images from the standard images to the images of your business.  We will change the text from the standard blah blah text to the text that you provide which will speak to the customer your mission to provide the best possible service to them as your customer.  We will change the menu and prices to your menu and prices, the contact information and Voila! you have a website.  It really is that easy. 

Your Website Lease choices are eCommerce $160.88 per month, Web Marketing $80.88 per month, and Basic Website at $50.88 per month.  

Your Free Website Design with a Website Lease gives you 3 options, eCommerce website design $160.88 per month, Marketing Website Design $80.88 per month and Basic Website Design $50.88 per month.

FEATURES with your Website Lease

  • Up to 10,000 professional email campaigns per month included with Website Lease.
  • eCommerce can be included with your website lease
  • Events that are interactive with the attendee can be included
  • You can publish any kind of content, which you can share and syndicate using RSS
  • Your customer database continues to grow as more customers interact with your site
  • You can have a secure "Members Only" areas with sign in/ sign out and lost your password?
  • Comprehensive reporting on visitors to your website included with Customer Relation Management CRM
  • Create any web forms without any programming required
  • You can create as many forums as you want so you can build micro-communities
  • You get to have a full blogging platform
  • You can create as many photo galleries as you want, with customized layout and appearance
  • You may rotate images, Flash objects or HTML snippets

SEOgirl holding her purse while putting her shoe on.  text reads drive taffic to your website with wilkins website design and leasing 

Wilkins Websites is a web development company that not builds not just 'websites', but good and effective websites. It makes use of on-site SEO, off-site SEO and content strategies that are strategically designed to increase website rankings in the search engines.

Wilkins Websites offers SEO  campaigns which involve competitive research, keyword research and selection, natural link building, high quality content creation, social signals, and so on. 


  • On-page optimization using up to 10 low competition, high traffic keywords or keyphrases
  • Link Profile Analysis - it lets you know if your site has been hit by the Google Panda and Penguin updates
  • Anchor Text Balance - we use anchor text that will make your websites look natural to search engines
  • High quality video links per money site page or blog article
  • 4 Press Releases per month
  • 10 high quality blog comments per month
  • Tier 2 Web 2.0 blogs
  • Social signals - shares, likes, discussions

What Wilkins Can Do for You

Wilkins Websites is committed to increasing your productivity without adding to your expenses. We believe that you, as a client or customer, need to have a good understanding of your business challenges so you would know what digital transformation your site truly needs. We offer you that transformation using a great blend of insight, thinking and infrastructure, which all form the cornerstone of the Wilkins' approach.

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Top principles of effective web design

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Drive Traffic to your Website

Thomas Wilkins - Saturday, October 01, 2016

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Social Media for SEO

Thomas Wilkins - Saturday, September 10, 2016

Google Facebook and Twitter Logo's

Wilkins Website Design & Hosting is a San Antonio Web Design Co. We specialize in Leasing a Website to our clients. Just choose from over 50 Website Templates a Website that fits your business, we will then customize that template to fit your business.

Are you not satisfied with your current ranking in search engines? Are you looking for ways to rank higher? If so, you have to learn how to utilize your social accounts to improve your search engine optimization SEO. Yes, social media plays an important role on your search results. With a solid social media presence, you will also see a significant boost in your search rankings.


These are the different ways you may use social media to get better ranking in search engines:


1. Do link building with your social channels


Unlike in the past, Google now focuses only on high quality links, and links on social media are almost always considered high quality links. Even if your Facebook page is relatively new, there’s a bog chance that it will rank high because of Facebook’s high web authority. Thus, you have to make sure your search engines optimization strategy involves including a link to your site in your social media content and even in your profile.


2. Get more followers


The more followers you have in your page, the better your website ranking will be. It’s important, however, that your followers are high quality followers girl holding a purse over her shoulders while chewing on her sun glasses – people who actually engage or interact with you in the form of retweeting your content, repining your pins, liking or sharing your Facebook posts, or placing reviews on your Google+. This task is not that easy. I try to get the attention of potential followers with an image of a pretty girl. A pretty girl captures the attention of not just men, but women as well. You can catch the attention of a woman with the image of a pretty girl because women are very competitive and will always stop and look at the competition. We all know why a man is attracted to a pretty girl, so we can just leave that along.

3. Make sure your content is sharable and searchable


Pinterest is considered an excellent social platform when it comes to making content not only searchable, but also sharable. It encourages users to share, which is a form of interaction.


Make sure all your social accounts that are related to your business are public so that users will be able to search your content.


4. Include your keywords in your posts


All search engine optimization jobs or campaigns involve the use of the right keywords and phrases. Keywords should always be in your blog, your website, your paid ad campaigns, and even your social media accounts and posts. This is very important in making your content shareable. This way, your content will show up whenever users search for your keywords.


5. Have a local listing


You need to make sure there is a local listing of your business on Google+ that includes your business address and other important information. This will ensure that customers will be able to view your company right on Google. I have found that on occasion my post's particularly my blogs will wind up on the first page of google when I post them on google plus.



Utilizing social media as a marketing tool is highly valuable, and it becomes all the more important when you use it to boost your search engines optimization. Despite the constant change in SEO algorithms, companies like Wilkins Website Design & Hosting will always have a way of using social media to boost your rankings in search engines.

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Hiring an SEO specialist

Thomas Wilkins - Saturday, September 03, 2016

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Responsive Web Design

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, August 29, 2016

Responsive Web Design, with images of computers, tablets and phones

Smartphone and tablet adoption has significantly increased over the years, which means that websites have no other choice but to become more mobile-friendly. Customers are now using their tablets and smart phones more to access the internet because they find it more convenient. If SEO is an important component of your digital marketing strategy, then it is a must that your website be mobile responsive. Now you must be wondering how to create website that is mobile friendly?

If there is one important investment you need to make for your online business, that will be to hire a professional web design and web site hosting company. Professional agencies have the knowledge, expertise, and the resources to create websites that enhance user experience.

These are the benefits of using a responsive website design:

1. Flexibility

Websites that have a responsive web design are so fluid – the content moves smoothly and freely across all devices and screen resolutions. The images and the grids are fluid, too. This fluidity allows all web content to retain its appearance while also being able to fill all allotted spaces.

2. Improved user experience

It is true that content is king and the accessibility or discover ability of content is a measurement of success, the one that encourages visitors to read content through their chosen or preferred device is user experience.

The use of responsive website design, particularly for landing page design is all about providing users the best experience regardless of what devices they decide to use to access the website. Responsive website design allows every single individual to access and enjoy the web content they need to want.

3. Cost effective

Having one responsive website is in so many ways better than having multiple websites that adopt to various devices. Needless to say, maintaining one website is cheaper than having two or more. In addition, responsive web design greatly improves your SEO efforts because all your visitors are directed to the same site and the same landing page design irrespective of the kind of device they are using.

4. Google loves responsive websites

According to Google, it prefers responsive web design when it comes to mobile configuration. The reason for this is that websites with responsive design have one URL and the same HTML. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl, index, as well as organize content.

5. More convenient to manage

When you have a separate mobile and desktop site, you would also need a separate SEO campaign for each. On the other hand, by letting Wilkins Website Design create a responsive web design for you, all your marketing and SEO campaigns need to focus on only one site. With the help of a professional web site hosting and design company, you can rest assured that users and search engines are happy with your website.

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Choosing a Web Design Company

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, August 22, 2016

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Facebook for Business

Thomas Wilkins - Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Increase SEO ranking with free adword tools

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, August 07, 2016

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Effective and simple website design

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, August 03, 2016

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Building your own website

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, July 25, 2016

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SEO 101 and Keyword Matching

Thomas Wilkins - Thursday, July 14, 2016

woman holding sign that reads how to manage your keywords, with wilkins websites logo
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Negative Key Words

Thomas Wilkins - Saturday, July 09, 2016

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Leasing a Website

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, July 05, 2016

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Maximize your existing keywords

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, June 20, 2016

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Dynamic Search Ads

Thomas Wilkins - Thursday, June 09, 2016

Manage Keywords for Growth

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

girl holding sign that reads, how to manage your key words
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Align keywords with your business goals

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

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20 ways to increase website traffic

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

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Custom Web Design vs. Free Website template

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

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Blog Posts for Effective Seo

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, January 05, 2016

As a web marketer, you're aware that maintaining a blog is an essential aspect of search engine for website optimization. Your web content should be the main reason people will keep visiting your website. Thus, you have to make sure you offer something interesting and informative in your blog.

In today's post, let's take a look at some of the most popular types of blog posts that are great for increasing your leads and site visits.


These types of blog posts are very common - Top 10 Music Videos of 2015; 7 Holiday Recipes You Should Try; 5 Reasons to Stay Fit; and so on. Lists are ideal for streamlining information in a format that's easy to share and easily digestible. This type of post can also increase traffic to your site because people like reading lists, and they are very likely to be shared.


Even the best search engine marketing San Antonio would use this type of blog post in their content marketing campaign. The reason is that How To posts are very informative because they offer solutions to people's problems. Writing this type of blog post is also good for your lead generation. When you share knowledge with your viewers, you will be considered as an authority in your industry.


When you offer a checklist to your audience, you are automatically giving them a step-by-step guide of what they have to do to achieve their goals. Unlike How To articles, checklists have no room for interpretation. Instead, they serve as a quick guide for your viewers who have very limited time.


Infographics are growing in popularity because they are very effective in raising awareness and driving visits to a website. Infographics are also very easy to understand and very entertaining. When you create an infographic, do not forget to include an embed code so that it will be more shareable.


One great benefit of using guest blog posts is that you gain a fresh and new perspective on your content because it comes from other writers. What it does also is connect you with a new audience, give you more opportunities for networking, and give you more free time from writing content.


People love reading personal stories because they can relate to them somehow. As an internet marketer, it's important that you connect with your audience on a more personal level so that you may earn their trust and loyalty. This is what you can do when you share your personal stories in your blog.

To keep your audience interested and engaged, it's recommended that you use a variety of types of posts in your blog. Keep your readers entertained and enthusiastic by offering informative and useful posts. You may also seek advice from professional marketing companies in San Antonio like Wilkins Websites on how to increase your site's profitability.

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San Antonio Sci Fi Culture

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, December 30, 2015

San Antonio & Sci Fi:  <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-438058p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">pio3</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>Much to my surprise San Antonio is HUGE into Sci Fi, with their own comic con <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-135205p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Dooley Productions</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>and star wars society and much more. I bet I could wear my Mr. Spock ears in public and people would wave with the live long and prosper sign.  My wife and I went to see the new Star Wars movie "The Force Awakens".  We went to the IMAX theater because a movie as awesome as the new Star Wars movie must be seen on the largest 3d screen available that will not cause an epileptic seizure.  We went to see the movie a week after it opened, giving my fellow Nerds time to be the first to see the movie.  The line at the theater was not long at all, so when it was my turn to ask for tickets I was informed that the movie is booked up for many weeks and there are no tickets available. 

Alamo City Comic Con:  Luckily for me my Lovely and Gracious wife is a bigger Nerd than I am, its hard to believe but it is true.  When she was <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-56763p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Sam Aronov</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>a child she practiced the Mr. Spock "Live Long and Prosper" sign with her toes.  She will take off her shoes at a dinner party to show off her Nerdy skill and give the LLAP sign with her toes.  So she does not want to give up and asks me to research online where another IMAX theater is so we can try there.  My research leads me to find that San Antonio TX AKA Alamo City has its own Comic Con and of course it is called Alamo City Comic Con.  I think we will attend, it is  October 28 - 30, 2016 | Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center | San Antonio, TX.  The more I get to know San Antonio, the more I love it.  

Sci Fi Convention:  San Antonio TX is so in love with Sci Fi that the World Science Fiction Convention was held here in 2013.  This was taken from their website.

What is the Worldcon?<a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-362020p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Charles Edwards</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>

The Worldcon℠, or World Science Fiction Convention, is the annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The five day long event has been held each year since 1939 with the exception of four years during World War II. Locations have included the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, and The Netherlands. Science fiction and fantasy fans travel from all over the world to attend, including Japan, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Norway, Finland, Croatia, New Zealand, and Russia. In recent years the Worldcon has typically attracted between 3,000 and 5,000 attending members.

Star Wars Society:  If Comic Con and the World SciFi convention in SA is not enough, they have their own Star Wars Society. 

<a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-1397983p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Stefano Buttafoco</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>My wife and I realized that since we did not purchase tickets in advance and stand in line with the rest of our fellow Nerds ad Geeks that we have to wait.  We decided to go to Best Buy and purchase the Star Wars collection and watch each movie in the order of release date so that we can satisfy our Star Wars fix.  Since it is "After Christmas" and everyone is having a sale the store looked like Captain Kirk after getting "Bonk Bonk On The Head" in the episode "Miri".  The Sci Fi section of the DVD's was picked clean.   It seemed that we were not the only people that had this idea of watching  the Star Wars DVD collection until we could get into the new movie "The Force Awakens".  I searched and searched and finally found the entire collection in one box set, misplaced in a section that was not Sci Fi.  I grabbed the box and looked at it as if I were Smeagol looking at his Precious. 

<a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-135205p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Dooley Productions</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>The more I learn about San Antonio, the more I love this place.  I will not make the same <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-59876p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Kathy Burns-Millyard</a> / <a href="http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial?cr=00&pl=edit-00">Shutterstock.com</a>mistake with tickets when the new Star Trek movie comes out.  So if you see a 56 year old Website Designer dressed as Gul Dukat, standing in line with Klingon's, Ferengi  and Vulcans that is probably me.  San Antonio TX is really still "Small Town Texas".  I live on the outskirts of town, and I can drive to Down Town in less than 20 minutes.  Who would conceive that that SA would have such demand for Science Fiction.  Once again, I thank the Lord that my wife was transferred here, and that I as a Website Design specialist could just pick up and move with my wife with out any problem.  Weather you are an absolute Sci Fi nut like I am or just a regular guy or gal and your small business is in need of Free Website Design in San Antonio, and Good Web Hosting along with Search Engine Optimization, and social media promotions, consider Wilkins Website Design and Hosting.   

Live Long and Prosper and May the Force be with you. 

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Black Hat VS White Hat SEO

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Search engine optimization, as we all know, is an integral part of any internet marketing campaign as it pretty much determines how well a website will do in web search engine ranking. The way you optimize your website for search engines can also spell the difference between the failure and success of your business. With that said, it's vital that you seek new strategies to improve your SEO efforts, as well as to achieve your desired results in the shortest possible time.

Black Hat VS White Hat SEO

The primary difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO is in the way an SEO expert performs his backlinking strategy. There are many SEO services San Antonio that will recommend using Black Hat SEO because it yields very quick results. This wrong approach, however, can get you penalized. On the other hand, White Hat SEO approach focuses on the long term benefits to a website, and it won't get you penalized.

Black Hat and White Hat SEO also differ in terms of:

Compliance - the techniques used in Black Hat SEO are those that search engines consider as unethical. Meanwhile, White Hat SEO involves techniques that contain no deception, and which conform to search engine regulations.

Approval - all search engines approve of White Hat SEO, while Black Hat SEO is unacceptable in any search engine.

Effect - when you subscribe to San Antonio SEO services that use Black Hat SEO, there is a great chance that your website will be penalized with lower rankings or it can be de-indexed as well. It is also common for such websites to be banned for a really long time.

Methods - the methods used in Black Hat SEO consist of link farming, blog comment spam, hidden links, keyword stuffing, as well as cloaked pages. On the other hand, White Hat SEO uses techniques including quality content, research, good web design, analysis, and relevant meta tags.

Penguin, Panda and Negative SEO

Google utilizes a variety of algorithms which are regularly updated as well. Google aims to make sure search results are always authentic, relevant and free from spam.

Google Panda update - here, Google examines web content for its quality. Websites that maintain quality content are rewarded with good rankings, while websites with low quality content are ranked poorly.

Google Penguin update - this one is aimed at locating Black Hat SEO techniques. Websites caught using such a wrong approach are penalized.


While it may take a while for your White Hat SEO efforts to yield positive results, it is definitely worth the wait. Even the most popular San Antonio SEO services like those offered by Wilkins Websites do not recommend using Black Hat SEO because of the negative effects it has on your website and your business.

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SEO Promotion Basics

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, December 27, 2015

SEO promotion is not only fundamental for websites, but highly essential as well. Through search engine optimization, you will be able to position your website in a way that it will be found by those who need whatever it is you are offering.

So, what are search engines like Google are looking for? What kind of website can you build that will be pleasing to both internet users and search engines? The good thing is that there are San Antonio web development professionals who can make your web presence highly profitable.

Keep the following things in mind when optimizing your website to make sure you get good search engine rankings:

What are search engines searching for?

The main objective of search engines is to refer users to content and websites that are relevant to what they are looking for. And how exactly is relevancy determined?

Content - Does your site offer relevant information? Does it have the right titles and description?

Performance - Is your website working properly? How fast is your website?

Authority - Is there good content in your site that can be linked to other authoritative sites?

User Experience - What's the overall appearance of your website? Is it easy to navigate? Does it have a high bounce rate?

What don't search engines want?

An expert web hosting San Antonio would also make you understand what search engines are not looking for in websites. Search engine robots are very good at spotting bad elements in websites, such as:

Purchased Links - There's certainly nothing good about buying links, so don't even think about it.

Keyword Stuffing - Be sure to use just the right amount of keywords in your content.

Bad User Experience - Having too many ads in your website makes it difficult for viewers to find what they need from your website, which leads to a higher bounce rate.

It's important to optimize for multi-channels.

Keyword strategy is a vital part of on-site optimization, and you should extend it to your other off-site platforms as well. This means that you should take into serious consideration multi-channel optimization. You have to be consistent in using the same keywords and phrases within such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other offline ads (TV, radio, etc).

You need to be consistent with domain names.

Choosing a domain name is essential to your overall foundation. Keep in mind that old domains are preferable compared to new ones. And if you're purchasing an old domain, make sure the previous owner didn't do anything to make the domain penalized.


As a website owner, SEO promotion should be one of your biggest priorities. When you skip the basics of SEO, there's no doubt that your site will be a mess and not profitable. Work with a reliable company like Wilkins Websites to fully maximize your site's potential.

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Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A website is only successful if it has many visitors. Sites with merchandise need visitors. More visitors are likely to come to a site that has good internet search marketing campaigns. These ranks can be improved by search engine optimization. If you intend to use it for your site, keep reading.

Search engine results can be improved in a number of ways. Tweaking the search capabilities of your site returns faster, more relevant results. Greater operation will cause a user to be more willing to use it. So you need the help of an SEO company San Antonio.

Pay-per-click is an effective way to utilize affiliate marketing tactics on your page. Although the profits start small, they can rapidly increase based on affiliate referrals.

SEO takes time, so you must be patient when you are trying to increase the search engine optimization for your site. Significant changes and massive traffic will not come overnight. You may have to invest a few months into the process before you start to see big results. Just like a traditional business, it will take time to build your name.

In order to really increase your PageRank, you need to not only get visitors to your site, but keep them there. Research suggests that the length of time an individual stays on a website influences that site's PageRank. impacts its PageRank. Forums, blogs, and posts that can replied to are all great means to increase visitors' time spent on your site, as they all build interest.

Identify and present yourself in the marketplace as a specialist in a particular field. This strategy is highly effective in internet marketing. Design your website around a certain niche, and use SEO techniques to drive those potential customers to your site so they can buy your products and services. Keep your customers needs in mind and meet them; don't make assumptions about what they want.

Don't use Flash for your website if your are working on SEO for it. It takes forever to load and isn't readable by search engines. To optimize your website for search engines, you have to have information that's searchable by them.

The best way to increase traffic is to place new relevant content on your website. Users won't remain on a site unless it has the useful information they need, so bettering your content is the simplest way to boost traffic.

Utilize a descriptive and unique title tag as a way to ensure that different search engines will be able to comprehend the content on your website. Search engines usually will not show content past 60 characters. Search engines also give little weight to terms coming over the 60 character point.

Creating a site map can help search engines classify the content on your site. A site map (navigation bar) provides directions to content on your whole site. Even if your site is small, a site map can have a big impact on its search engine rankings.

Sites that hope to sell products rely on visitors if they want to survive. This will increase the amount of visitors that you have. Rankings will increase when SEO is used.

Wilkins Websites is one of the best companies offering San Antonio SEO service. Contact us now to get a free quote!

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San Antonio Hill Country

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, December 21, 2015

San Antonio River Walk

I am still new here, having recently Relocated to San Antonio Texas.  My wife and I lived in Katy Texas for 12 years.  My wife received a job offer in San Antonio in 2014 and it was her dream job.  I work for myself in Website Design and Hosting, SEO, SMO, SEM and other online business services.  I can work anywhere as long as I have an internet connection, so off to San Antonio we go.  Next are some of the things we first noticed when moving here.

"The Sun."  The first thing we noticed was the sun, wow is it bright.  We will comment that "This is the same sun in Katy TX, Bight blinding sunlightor Dallas TX and even El Paso TX, why is it so much brighter here"?  I mean the sun is just blinding, we have been here for a little over a year and we still act like a vampire when the sun comes up.  Solution to the problem? We invested in Sun Glasses.  Why is the sun so bright here?  I think it is because the trees are very short here.  Why are the trees short?  The stone.  The trees can not take deep root because the ground is mostly stone with a little dirt on top.  

"The Hill Country", we have these hills because of the many different types of stone deposits here.  There seems to be a different quarry every mile or two.  The abundance of stone here makes itStone and Brick home in San Antonio TX very easy to purchase a beautiful stone home.  My home town of St. Louis Missouri, the vast majority of homes are made from red brick.  The abundance of red brick homes is due to the clay mines that actually run under the city of St. Louis.  The clay was mined, turned into brick and then built the city of St. Louis Missouri.  The same effect is here in San Antonio TX but with beautiful stone.  Many different types and color of stone homes are available for purchase here.  My wife and I purchased a beautiful brick and Granite stone home for a very reasonable price.  

"The Breeze."  The flowing hills, as far as the eye can see, cause a constant breeze here.  It may be Texas Hot here, but the breeze offers a cooling sensation against the skin that offers a pleasant relief from the sun and the heat.  Growing up in the summers of St. Louis Missouri (before San Antonio TX Hill Countryair conditioning), we would wait with great anticiaption for a breeze, any breeze.  When the breeze came, it was always short lived.  Here in San Antonio the breeze is constant, and quite often it is more than just a breeze, it is Wind.  I am surprised that there are not wind farms here.  I have thought that I could generate enough energy to run my home from a wind generator in my back yard.  I am surprised that there are not 1000 kites flying in the air.  Maybe I should start that tradition of kite flying in the Hill Country of San Antonio Tx.  

"Nice and Polite" people here are so nice and polite.  Everyone says "Good Morning, Please, San Antonio woman being friendly and politeThank you".  At a stop sign when there are 2 cars, the 1st car will wave to the other car to go first, then the reply from the 2nd car, waving "no no, you go first".  Then a smile and a wave from the 1st car saying "thank you" as it drives through the intersection first.  I am sure there are driving issues here, I just haven't seen them yet.  There is a radio campaign to get people to slow down while driving called "Loose the Rage SA" or San Antonio.  I hear this commercial and I think "what rage? these are the nicest people I have ever met".  

So far, 1 year later, my wife and I are very happy here.  I am also finding that my Website Design and Hosting business is very much needed here in San Antonio.  The Lord has placed us here for good reason and we are very happy.

If you are in need of any website design company San Antonio, Website Hosting, SEO company San Antonio, Email Marketing and much more, take a look at www.WilkinsWebsites.com.

Thank You

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Web Hosting for Your Business

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, December 20, 2015

One important aspect of any online search marketing campaign is choosing which web hosting San Antonio company to use. This could be a tough process, especially for first-timers because there are just too many options to choose from. With numerous companies promising unlimited resources, 99% uptime, and excellent support, how are you supposed to make the right choice?

Here's a list of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for a web hosting company and web hosting package:


This is one of the first things you will look for when selecting a hosting company. Take note, however, that it doesn't have to be the deciding factor. If you're relying on your website to make money, it may not always be the best idea to go for the cheapest offer you'll find. It's a must that you look at the features of several different hosts and compare their prices before you purchase anything.


Unlike web site optimization, not all hosting services are suitable for all kinds of websites. For instance, some plans come with good enterprise solutions but may not necessarily suit a small recipe blog. Thus, you have to look into the hosting provider's area of expertise before you select it. Go with a host that understands the specific needs of your business.


When your site unexpectedly goes down, who can you call up? If you get to talk to someone on the phone, can they actually help you fix the problem?

Just like choosing among several SEO San Antonio, a web host company's reputation for customer support is a very important consideration. Find out how many ways you can contact them when you need help. Keep in mind that not all companies take their customer support seriously, so you've got to be careful.


You also want to know what makes a company special. Are they offering something that no other companies don't? If you find one that is offering you something you may have use for in the future, that could be a good sign that you're dealing with a reliable company.


It would help if you could know what type of machines a hosting company uses. But before that, you might need to do a bit of research first to know what exactly you're looking for. Of course, you want a company that uses modern and new machines.


As a website owner, there are things you need to be able to do without having to call the company's tech support - setting up email, installing WordPress, setting up FTP accounts, and other basic web site optimization stuff. It is, therefore, important that your provider uses either Plesk or cPanel, for instance, for easier modifications and updates. Wilkins Websites offers reliable hosting services for different types of websites.

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Increase Engagement in Your Social Media

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It doesn't matter if you're an expert in social media for small businesses already or you're just preparing to launch your very first social media channel, you will find that one of the biggest challenges you have to face is how to keep your audience engaged. This is a very tricky task, because consumer behaviour changes rapidly and drastically. Thus, you need to keep up with such changes to make sure your strategy remains effective.

The following are tips on how you can get more social media engagement:


#1 - It's more than just the content.

For you to successfully build a solid foundation for engaging your audience, you need to know the groups of people you create through social media. You should know who they are, what social media tool they prefer, how they use social media, and so on. It's very important that you get all these pieces of information right from the start because you will need to base your messages on them. That way also, you can craft messages that are specific to your target audience.


#2 - Don't forget that social media is social.

Although businesses and social media are almost inseparable these days, you should not use the latter only for news and announcements. Always keep in mind that social media is a means of communication between businesses and their audience.

To keep your audience engaged, make sure that you connect with them on a regular basis. You have to chat about current events, too, and you should seek out their opinions as well.


#3 - Give value.

When you create a social media community, you'll be asking people to spend their precious time engaging with you. Remember that time is a very important commodity, and many of us don't have much of it. Thus, you have to do your best not to waste your members' time.

It's a good strategy to offer your members rewards or coupons, but never forget to share knowledge or valuable information. Share with them something you know or have learned recently. Give them anything that they will find useful and beneficial.


#4 - Ask for feedback.

Your community members will surely appreciate it if you could let their voices be heard. Thus, you need to reach out to them to ask for their opinions on the various aspects of your business. You can ask them what they think about your services or products, and encourage them to give you recommendations on how to improve things in your business.


#5 - Don't forget to have fun!

When you opt for social media outsourcing, it doesn't mean you should be hands-off with your campaigns. When you work with Wilkins Websites, for instance, you will be encouraged to interact with your members yourself. And when you do so, remember to enjoy engaging with them so they would enjoy interacting with you, too.

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Options When Looking for Website Hosting

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

There are different kinds of web design hosting services out there you can get to host your website. But before you sign up for any web hosting service, make sure you have a clear understanding of what service your website actually needs, what kind of server your business requires, what you can afford, and what particular types of services are offered by the web host.

Basically, there are 4 hosting options you can choose from:

  • Free Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting




Yes, there are services that host websites for free. Free web hosting is an excellent choice if you want to build a website for fun. But of course, you can't expect perfection from this kind of service. It is common in a free hosting system to have slow connection speed, frequent down-time, and lots of advertising banners added to your website automatically.

Many companies will require you to pay for your domain name so you can get free hosting services from them, and there are other companies that offer a free subdomain under them as well.



Another option if you're looking for cheap host is shared hosting. In this kind of environment, you will have to share one server with other website owners. This means you will be sharing the physical server, as well as the software applications in the server. This kind of hosting is cheap because you will share the cost of operating the server with other owners.



With dedicated hosting, the entire web server is at your on disposal. Because of this, you can expect faster performance of your server because nobody is using it wit you. The downside of having this kind of web hosting service is that you will be responsible for the entire cost of server operation. If your website requires a high level of security or needs a lot of system requirements, dedicated hosting is perfect for you.



When you get this type of web hosting, you will have to buy your own server and arrange for it to be housed at a web host's facility. You will also be entirely responsible for our server. What you will like about this kind of hosting service is that you get full control of the web server. This means that you are free to install any applications or scripts that you need or want.


Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

When choosing among the many web design hosting services online, make sure that you get one that will meet all the needs of your business as well as your website. Check out Wilkins Website Design & Hosting to know your options and how this reliable company can serve you.

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Content for Effective SEO

Thomas Wilkins - Monday, December 14, 2015


search engine promotion

"Content is king" - we hear this phrase over and over again when it comes to search engine promotion success. Many internet marketers believe that they have enough understanding of the role of content in their SEO success, but sadly, most of them aren't even familiar with the important elements that make good content.

Below are the factors that determine the effectiveness of content for search engine optimization:

Content Quality

The quality of the content you're producing is the most important thing of all. Good search engine optimisation strategiesare definitely not complete without quality content. But how are you supposed to know if your content is a quality one?

Good content gives viewers a reason to spend time reading a particular web page. Quality content offers real value, and information that is unique, useful, and can't be found elsewhere.


Keyword Research

There's no doubt that keyword research is the most vital factor or search engine optimisation service that needs to be considered after creating quality content. The good thing is that there are numerous tools that you can utilize to learn about the ways people are searching for your content.


Use of Keywords

There's no use doing some good keyword research if you don't use those keywords in your content. If you want your web pages to be found in search engines for certain words, you have to use those words, which are your keywords, right in your copy.

If you're wondering how often your keywords should appear on your copy, there's no specific number you should target. What's important is that your copy makes sense. Avoid inserting keywords in sentences just for the sake of using your keywords. Remember that your content has to be informative and engaging, so make sure you use your keywords sensibly.


Freshness of Content

Search engines, particularly Google, love fresh, new content. While it would do your blog or website good if you could regularly post content, this isn't what creating fresh, new content is all about.

You have to understand what search engines are really looking for. What they need is information that readers are likely to read during a particular time, season, event, and so on. When you create content that is relevant to an upcoming event or situation, for instance, it's very likely that your page will rank high in search engines. The important thing is for you to produce quality content that is relevant to the things happening in real-time.



Creating content is easy, but what's hard is to create content that both readers and search engines will like. This is one thing that professional search engine optimisation service providers like Wilkins Websites can guarantee internet marketers like you.


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6 Mobile Landing Page Tips

Thomas Wilkins - Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Now that you've set up your mobile PPC campaigns as part of your online search engine marketing, are you confident that they'll be converting? Are you sure that you've taken the right steps to perfectly optimize your PPC landing pages for mobile users?

To make sure you get the best results from your mobile site pages, here are the things you should remember:

1. Be Concise

In SEO search engines optimization, using few but meaningful words is always better than long paragraphs, especially when talking about mobile pages that have limited screen spaces. You should start by writing your copy freely, and then go over it again and modify it. It's likely that you'll end up with around 60 percent fewer words for your final draft. Make sure also that you get rid of words that don't enhance the meaning of your marketing messages.


2. Avoid Using Superlatives and Intensifiers

The use of intensifiers and superlatives is one of the most common mistakes of internet marketers when writing a sales copy. If you come to think of it, the words 'totally, best, excellent' can't do much in convincing users that your product or service is what they need. Internet users today are really smart, and they often know what information they need and don't need.


3. Bullet Points Are Recommended

Bullet points are ideal for both regular and mobile device landing pages. That's because they are easier to read, they can target consumer needs and wants, and they communicate marketing messages very effectively.

Another thing that's good about bullet points is that they allow for more white space on the page, making it less cluttered. Making a page with more white space and less text is important because it helps readers make a buying decisions easily.


4. Make It Legible

Make sure also that the font you use for mobile pages and buttons are large enough for easy reading. Keep in mind that they should be designed for a human finger and not a mouse. It's important also that you have clickable information connected to our main conversion event. For instance, you could have a click-to-call phone number so that people can easily purchase products or inquire about services through their mobile phones.


5. Use a Simple Form

Your mobile forms should have not more than four fields, and there should be a clear call-to-action as well.


6. Ensure Fast Loading Pages

One vital aspect of any search engine optimization plans is to make sure that web pages load fast. For mobile pages, they need to load fast because it's likely that people are using their mobile phones while doing other things. If pages load slowly, users may end up trying another website.

Wilkins Websites is of the most reputable online search engine marketing agencies around today that offer reasonably priced packages.

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Outbound Links and SEM

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

internet search engine marketing

When it comes to internet search engine marketing, one vital strategy that internet marketers should not ignore is the use of outbound links. So, what are outbound links? 

Outbound links are those that point to other domains from your website. By linking out to domains that are related to your own domain, it becomes easier for search engines to understand your niche. This strategy also helps increase the quality and reputation of your site, which is vital in the success of your web search engine marketingcampaign.

In short, outbound links:

  • get targeted visitors
  • let search engines know what your blog is all about because of the relevant links
  • allow you to connect with other bloggers that are in the same niche


Things to Consider When Linking Out

a. Only link to relevant blogs

When we say you should get outbound links, this doesn't mean you should link up to just any website. Search engines are likely to judge you based on your outbound links, so you should avoid linking to bad blogs or banned sites.

Look to link up with blogs with the same niche as your blog. That way, your site will be able to attract targeted visitors. Also, make sure you link to websites or blogs that have a good domain value and overall reputation.


b. Stay away from link farms

You will find a lot of services online that promise plenty of outbound links for your site in an instant. It's not a good idea at all to pay for such services.

First of all, there's no way you could know where they are going to link your blog, and whether or not they'll link you up to relevant sites. What's worse is that your site might end up getting banned from search engines because you have links to bad blogs or sites.


c. Having too many outbound links isn't a good idea

It's totally fine to have a couple of links on your site that point out to other domains, but don't overdo it because this can be annoying to your readers. A good strategy is to have your pages link out to other sites, but in your general posts, you don't want too many links on them. Make sure also that your content is relevant and useful to your readers.


d. Exchange links with reputable sites

A give-and-take system is often useful for bloggers, especially when it comes to link building. You may refer to another blogger's post in your own posts, but when you do this, be sure to provide link to your post as well. You may then ask for a link exchange with another blogger.

Search engine marketing business could be a complicated one, and you need to invest time in it to ensure its success. Wilkins Websites offers great packages for internet marketers who are looking to improve the search engine ranking and profitability of their websites.

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How Does SEO Work

Thomas Wilkins - Sunday, November 29, 2015

man drawing on a white board about Website Design

If you want to figure out how your site can get a good placement in Google search results, it's a must that you understand how does search engine optimization work. It is complicated actually, and there are a lot of factors that come into play when search engines like Google rank websites.

The good news is that there are simple yet very effective steps you can take to make your website more attractive to search engines.


#1: Have your site registered with Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is a service from Google that you can use for free to submit your site to Google for indexing. Aside from that, you may also use this service to do the following:

  • track valuable backlinks to your site
  • make sure that Google isn't having any crawl errors in your site
  • know what types of search questions or queries are driving traffic to your website

Perhaps the biggest reason why even the best search engine optimisation agency uses Webmaster Tools is that it is the most effective way to tell Google that a website exists, which is the starting point to ranking in the search engine.


#2: Learn how to use Google+ properly

It's a must to have a Google+ page if you want exposure for your website. By posting on your Google+ page blog articles or links to your site, it becomes easier for your website to get indexed by Google. This is not surprising because Google owns it.

It should be noted also that Google is now very likely to show the Google+ page of a business in search results whenever users search for that business name. Because of this, potential customers are likely to clink on your Google+ page instead of your website.


#3: Take your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions seriously

Make sure that your page titles and meta descriptions have clear and accurate descriptions of the content of your page. Snippets of your meta descriptions appear in search results, and users as well as Google use such descriptions to decide how relevant your website is in certain searches.

Refrain from being spammy in your page titles and meta descriptions because using too many keywords may damage your chances of ranking high in search results. It could also give users or site visitors a wrong impression about your website.


#4: Always follow Google's advice

Google has always been helpful to website owners by giving them tips on how to boost the search ranking of their websites. In fact, Google even offers a free guide on how to optimize a website for Google search. And if you can, it is also recommended that you get managed search engine marketing services from a reliable provider like Wilkins Websites. This is an investment worth making!

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Principles of Website Design

Thomas Wilkins - Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Professional Web Developement ServicesSan Antonio Web Design:

There are several factors that can determine how effective and usable a website is, and one of them is its design. As a website owner, it's actually not you who can judge whether your small business website design is good or not. The users of the website are the ones who can tell if your site is attractive and usable.

So what makes great web design? Apply the following web design principle to make your website engaging, physically attractive, and effective overall:

Have a Purpose:

A good website is one that caters to the needs of its visitors and users. Are your site visitors looking for entertainment, information, some sort of interaction, or do they want to do business with you? These are the questions you need to answer when designing each page of your website. It's important that every page of your site have a clear purpose. Your goal is to meet the specific needs of the users of your website.


Since internet users are always in search for information, your web content has to be easy to find and read. When you create yourProfessional Web Design Services own website, you should organize your information in a simple manner.  I like to use extreme examples to make my point so here goes.  In the early days of the internet Yahoo was the driving force.  On the yahoo home page there was so much information all smashed together it could send someone into an epileptic fit.  It was way too much information in one place and caused more confusion than provided information.  Then came Google.  The Google home page was just the word Google and a search bar, this is another extreme.  From the Yahoo home page of an overwhelming amount of information to the Google home page of absolutely no information, you need to be somewhere in between these two internet giants. 

Do not try to show people how smart you are with big words, and concepts that are difficult to understand, you will only chase people away.  Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) while making your point clear is the call to action for website design.  Why keep it simple?  You may be very intelligent and master at a particular subject, if you speak in a language that only people of your level of understanding can appreciate, you have eliminated a great deal of your potential customers.  Everyone's money is the same color of green and you should treat everyone as the most valued client or customer you have. 

Choose the Right Colors: 

Using the right combination of colors in your website can do a lot in enhancing the user experience of your site visitors. To make reading of your content easier on the eye, use contrasting colors for the text and the background. It is also recommended that you use vibrant colors sparingly and only to create emotion, such as for call to actions and other button.  It is clear that I prefer White and Blue, again I like to keep it simple.  White promotes a feeling of purity, while Blue promotes a feeling of trust.  The colors you use depend upon your target audience.  I have a client that had me build his website with bold, bright colors of Orange, Red, Yellow and Green.  This is contrary to the advice of this particular blog, however this is exactly what his target clientele wanted.   

Images Matter a Lot: 

Professionally Built WebsiteA picture could mean a lot of things, so you have to pick the right images for your site. Also, images can contribute a lot to your branding, as well as how you connect with your audience.  I like to use images of a pretty girl, pretty girls appeal to both men and women.  Women will stop to look at a pretty girl on a web page or in a magazine to compare herself to this girl on the page in a spirit of competition.  While men will stop to look at the pretty girl for very different reasons.  This pretty girl I use in every blog post and on every web page as well as email campaigns is the face of my business.  I call her "Lisa".  Why "Lisa"? because I want you to "Lease a Website", clever? I think so.  I use images of Lisa because she is beautiful, but no so beautiful that someone may find it offensive.  She is sexy, but no so sexy that someone may find her offensive.  She is dressed in tight blue jeans and a tank top, but no so little that she could be considered "a Scandal".  She is perfect for what I want and need.   If you do not have any professional photos that you own, then you might as well purchase stock photos to enhance your website.  I purchased these images of Lisa on ShutterStock.com. A link to this site is located on my home page.  

Effective Navigation: 

Navigation is the way people move around your website and how they take action. There are various techniques you can use to make navigating around your site easier, such as using bread crumbs, logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, and others. The easier it is to go around your site, the more likely it is for your site visitors to engage in your Website.  I prefer menu bars that are simple, again K.I.S.S.  I do not like to try and  navigate a website with menu bars that have too many drop downs.  I often find myself cussing when the drop down keeps slipping away and I have to start over and over and over.  I keep my web pages to a minimum, so my menu bar is to a minimum as well.  This makes navigation of my website quick and easy with no cussing required. 

Web Design:

You can actually use a Website Builder or you can also hire a professional like Wilkins Websites to do it for you.  Either way, you have to make sure all these design principles are taken into consideration to make sure your site will not just be attractive, but functional as well.

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